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DISCPLINES: Embryology Andrology Ultrasound Endocrinology
Information on QA Scheme: Embryo Video Ranking 2023
Comment = The release show videos of 4 embryos as visualised using an EmbryoScope unit. You are asked to rank these from best (1st) to least good (4th). Based upon the replies received, your ranking is calculated upon whether your selections agree with the majority of the other replies.
Number of enrollments =23 [* This indicates only the number of enrollments. Not all participants will have completed the scheme]
List of QA Issues (or Instalments)
Code Title Available from
HET2023.01 Video ranking 1/1/2023
HET2023.02 Video ranking 1/2/2023
HET2023.03 Video ranking 1/3/2023
HET2023-04 Video ranking 1/4/2023
HET2023-05 Video ranking 1/5/2023
HET2023-06 Video ranking 1/6/2023
HET2023-07 Video ranking 1/7/2023
HET2023-08 Video ranking 1/8/2023
HET2023-09 Video ranking 1/9/2023
HET2023-10 Video ranking 1/10/2023
HET2023-11 Video ranking 1/11/2023
HET2023-12 Video ranking 1/12/2023
List of Questions asked for QA Scheme:Embryo Video Ranking 2023
ID Question Question Format
203 Explain why you selected one embryo over the others for transfer? Educational Outcome
684 The Oocyte/Embryo Rank Index Graded/Ranked Calculation
27 Which embryo would you rank first? Defined Options
41 Which embryo would you rank fourth? Defined Options
39 Which embryo would you rank second. Defined Options
40 Which embryo would you rank third? Defined Options
212 Would you freeze embryo A? Defined Options
213 Would you freeze embryo B? Defined Options
214 Would you freeze embryo C? Defined Options
215 Would you freeze embryo D? Defined Options
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