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External Quality Assurance
At the heart of QAPonline is a single subscription to one clinic including multiple laboratories and staff. The quality supervisor may then examine the performance of your clinic or each laboratory against all other groups forming an EXTERNAL QUALITY ASSURANCE PROGRAMME.
A QAP group may contain an unmimited number of laboratories with individual staff allocated to a specific laboratory. In this way, the quality manager may review the performance of any laboratory and staff as an INTERNAL QUALITY CONTROL process
Regardless of laboratory, the quality manager has full automony over staffing, laboratory location and performance review. This can be use for internal review, accreditation or annual performance review.
ONE QAP GROUP, Many Laboratories. Most companies have more than one laboratory within their organistion. Pathology groups may have many while IVF clinics may have a number of specialised laboratories eg embryology or andrology. QAPonline allows you to create an unlimited number of laboratories with staff allocated to a specific lab. This means that QAPonline can generate reports and summaries for individual labs or the group as a whole.
All QAPOnline reviews are based upon deviation from the trimmed population mean. Individual, laboratory, staff and clinic performances are all displayed as SD units from the mean. This means that reviewing each scheme is easy given that the method for analysis is constant over all schemes.
While QAPonline may ask several questions that differ between each scheme, there is always one numeric question that is central to each scheme. This question is called the QAP Key question and is the one all the standard reviews as centered around.
But how do you do this for qualitative taks such as grading an embryo. Well, FertAid as develop a unique computation for each scheme that converts a number of qualitative questions into a number that largely reflects quality. This means embryo grading can be reviewed in much the same way as sperm morphology.
There is a defined structure to the Schemes in QAPonline. Each schemes repeated annually with diferent images. Each scheme is composed of at least 12 releases each of which contain and image/video, questions and Key QAP Question.
A single bundled subscription (inc $AUD, Euro,$USD) provides access to all clinic staff to any scheme within the subscription mean that what may be a complex subscription system is made very easy. From 2014, the bundled fees now allow access of all clinic staff to a growing number of Continuous Professional Development Educations modules.
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