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Fact 1. Only 12% of embryos and 8% of all oocytes collected will end in transfer and a live birth

Fact 2. If you are a clinician or Scientific Director, your main requirement is that all staff will make the same interpretation, be it which embryo to transfer, freeze or discard, whether a semen sample has normal or abnormal morphology, the diameter of a follicle.

Fact 3. If you are a patient, you would expect to receive the same embryo regardless of which embryologist makes the decision or have a semen sample defined as suitable for IVF or ICSI

QAPonline provides your clinic with tools to evaluate individual staff, individual laboratories and your clinics performance dynamically and online. Assessments are monthly with no time cutoffs and reporting is virtual.
QAPonline can be used as part of your Quality Assurance program, for accreditation purposes or for staff appraisal and certification. QAPonline provides a range of reference ranges to use as a EQA platform (you choose) between all professionals, selected peer staff, "grand-person" staff, staff from your own country and from 2015, a selected groups of staff from selected reference laboratories.
At the heart of QAPonline is the QAP group. One senior staff member should register with QAPonline followed by the creation of a QAP Group. Once completed ( 5 secs), the now QAPSupervisor can add more laboratories, add staff, subscribe to QAPonline or other education and quality activities and enroll staff in appropriate EQA modules.
QAPonline works just as well for a large organisation with many staff and laboratories as for a smaller laboratory with only 1-2 staff. It works as well for a pathology laboratory as for an IVF laboratory.
Regardless of the type of investigation, be it a numeric task (what is the % normal forms) to complex tasks such as grading a blastocyts or ranking embryos, QAPonline uses a unique formulation of key parameters to convert such assessments to a numeric value out of 100. This allows for a standardisation of assessments and reporting.
For better or for worse, there is no time limits on staff completing each monthly tasks. The data is re-compiled regularly and staff if busy can defer submissions until they are able to do so. The QAP Supervisor(s) can access and print the reports at any time. No time limits means that every staff has time to complete their tasks.
Individual Staff have a unique code that allows them to move their QA performance with them if they move to another clinic. Staff have full access to their performance and can print selected reports for their own CV, job applications etc. Conversely, the QAP Supervisor may access individual staff performance for staff reviews, accreditation and performance appraisals.
A single subscription is applied to a QAP group. This can cover all laboratories in the QAP group, all staff and all schemes (or those that are selected). The QAP supervisor can select which schemes performance can be made available to assessors and can use past subscriptions to assess new staffs competency (as trainees) before approval for active work place functions.
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