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During 2023, Fertaid and IVFCPD will be merged.
A complete range of analytical tools are available to the quality managers. This includes statistical analysis of each years activity, intra assay variability, staff variability, UM estimates. Intra staff comparisons and clinic and peer comparisons dynamically available. Performance comments on individual performance and read/action documentation available.
Online Monthly Reporting available at any time that is dynamically generated as required. Submission can be made at any time resulting in a dynamic quality programmed. Review can be printed at any time as required.
Large range of EQA schemes in Andrology, Embryology and Ultrasound. All are image/video based with monthly releases designed to create an ongoing quality programme. The quality manager has the rights to select which EQA schemes are required and control the enrollment in each laboratory and which schemes are reported for accreditation purposes.
A single bundled subscription (inc $AUD, Euro,$USD) provides access to all clinic staff to any scheme within the subscription mean that what may be a complex subscription system is made very easy. From 2014, the bundled fees now allow access of all clinic staff to a growing number of Continuous Professional Development Educations modules.
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