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During 2023, Fertaid and IVFCPD will be merged.
How to Get Started using FertAid - for QAPonline for EQA, IVDaily, IVFCPD, IVFBenchMark

To join FertAid and start using QAPonline portfolio of EQA programmes, enroll your staff in the ongoing education IVFCPD modules or participate in the IVFBenchmark faculties can all be done using the same registration process and will only take a few minutes.

Register with FertAid
Once registered, create a QAP Group with you as supervisor
Under Supervisor, add additional laboratories as required. These may be laboratories located in various locations or with a clinic. They may include scientists, nurses, clinicians and other staff depending on your plans
Under Supervisor, add additional staff members and allocate them to a laboratory. They should have an independent email address so their logon details are posted to them.
Under Supervisor, subscribe to the EQA modules, IVFCPD or the BenchMark functions (or all of them!). If you pay by credit card, you can access the EQA modules immediately, otherwise access may be briefly delayed.
Once access has been provided, Select the EQA schemes from the bundled items available to you under your subscription and enroll each staff member into the appropriate EQA module at the appropriate skill level (including trainee)
Encourage your staff to logon on to FertAid where they will see the EQA modules you have enrolled them in. They can complete each monthly task when time is available. They will be able to see their performance immediately compared to all other professionals to date
As Supervisor, you can access a number of review option to examine or prepare for accreditation the performance of your QAP group, each laboratory or individual staff members.
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