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Information on QA Scheme: Evaluation of Cleavage by time lapse Imagery 2024
Comment = Evaluation of Cleavage by time lapse Imagery. The module uses videos from EmbryoScope as supplied by IVFA. When complete, there will be 12 releases, one per month in 2014. Each will show one video of the complete cleavage stages of a single human embryo. Participants will be as to assess the time to reach critical stages and to grade the final blastocyst.
Number of enrollments =37 [* This indicates only the number of enrollments. Not all participants will have completed the scheme]
List of QA Issues (or Instalments)
Code Title Available from
HES2024.01 Single Human Embryo 1/1/2024
HES2024.02 Single Human Embryo 1/2/2024
HES2024.03 Single Human Embryo 1/3/2024
HES2024.04 Single Human Embryo 1/4/2024
HES2024.05 Single Human Embryo 1/5/2024
HES2024.06 Single Human Embryo 1/6/2024
HES2024.07 Single Human Embryo 1/7/2024
HES2024.08 Single Human Embryo 1/8/2024
HES2024.09 Single Human Embryo 1/9/2024
HES2024.10 Single Human Embryo 1/10/2024
HES2024.11 Single Human Embryo 1/11/2024
HES2024.12 Single Human Embryo 1/12/2024
List of Questions asked for QA Scheme:Evaluation of Cleavage by time lapse Imagery 2024
ID Question Question Format
11 Describe the appearance of the inner cell mass Defined Options
12 Describe the appearance of the trophectoderm Defined Options
202 How would you describe this embryo AND GRADE BY YOUR OWN CLINICS GRADING PROCESS? Educational Outcome
393 Identify the location of the inner cell mass. Defined Options
28 Is the rate of cleavage normal? Defined Options
726 Time to appearance of blastocoel cavity [in hours-] Numeric Outcome
723 Time to completion of 1st Cleavage timing (to 2 cell)[in hours-] Numeric Outcome
724 Time to completion of 2nd Cleavage timing (to 4 cell)[in hours-] Numeric Outcome
725 Time to completion of 3rd Cleavage timing (to 8 cell)[in hours-] Numeric Outcome
727 Time to completion of blastocoel cavity [in hours-] Numeric Outcome
210 What is the embryo score for this blastocyst Calculation Outcome
13 What stage of blastocyst formation is evident from the image? Defined Options
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