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During early 2019, Fertaid will be upgrading elements of QAPonline.
QAPonline Information - Essential Features.
QAPonline is an INTERNAL QC tool, designed for one, some or all staff members, that tests and reviews the assessment skills in various components in several disciplines
QAPonline is an External Quality Assurance Program [EQAP] that allows the assessment skills in individuals or clinic overall to be compared to other laboratories at various skill levels- all competent participants, participants>10 years experience, internal and external allocated peer rated participants.
QAPonline is a TRAINING tool that allows unskilled or semi skilled staff to participate whereby their assessments may be compared to other competent staff [either within or external the laboratory] BUT are excluded from all EQAP computations.
QAPonline is Internet based so access is universal and available at all times.
QAPonline is image based so all participants review the same information
QAPonline laboratory information is managed by a QAP supervisor and all review and management is by the supervisor than than by QAPonline using standardized graphical and data tables.
Data for each question is confidentially accessible to allow further individual manipluation
Subscription is annual and covers all staff over all QA schemes selected.
Each scheme is based upon monthly installments - 15-30 minutes per month
Individual staff members activity is transferable between clinics (but only their own information not that belonging to the clinic) allowing proof of competency and forming part of their CV profile.
Clinics are able to form Associations to reflect national data groups at no cost e.g. all clinics in Germany
All submissions by individual participants made be reviewed at the same time to allow for feedback education and training and by the QAP supervisor at any time.
Fully integrated staff management facilities - who starts and leaves - performance of critical and specific questions e.g. the degree of compaction - virtual dynamic reporting.
All QA schemes are managed in the same manner allowing for standardized flow of procedures.
Outstanding questions are available to minimize data manipulations (within reason)
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