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41 The records associated with the HELP module provide additional information about individual pages within the web site. 0
Scheme and Fees QAPonline has a structure organisation to schemes and fees
942 QAPonline has a structured design for QAPschemes and the fees that are linked to the schemes. The structure is as follows: DISCIPLINE ( eg Andrology) ->SERIES (eg Motility) ->Schemes (2004 Motility). Therefore each series contains a number of QAP Schemes that use the same questions and replies. Each scheme operates for a calender year. This allows a subscriber to link replies over more than one year. 0
QAP Discipline QAPscheme - Discipline primary level
943 The primary level for the data structure is at a discipline. While the initial disciplines are associated with Infertility eg Andrology and Embryology - this is mainly because it is the area of my expertise. However, the site has the capacity to include any discipline in the medical and life sciences. 0
QAP Series QAP series are the second level of data definitions.
944 Inside each discipline, QAPonline has an unlmited number of potential series that are used to provide a level of quality activity appropiate for the discipline. The types of QAP series are limited to those that are amenable to Internet use. 0
QAP schemes The third level of QAPonline data
945 Within each QAP series, QAP schemes are the central component of the data structure. Each QAP scheme operates for a calender year. While a participant needs to enroll in each scheme each year. Since they are a member of a QAP series, each scheme is a separate entity. However, it is possible to link schemes together to review ones performance over the life of one subscriptions. Each subscriber may enroll as either a student, an associate (skilled in an assocaited area) or as a professional. A professional is one who is actively working in the area of the scheme and that participantion in a QAP scheme is designed to provide an Internal Assessment of competency and performance. 0
Education Help
513 The Help Options for Education are provided to explain how the aims and procedures for this module. 0
The Concept
516 The aim of QAP-online-Education is to provide to any member of the reproductive community, the opportunity to participate in ongoing education. The modules are designed to provide participants with scenarios which may be encountered in their workplace and provide their response. In considering such scenarios and committing to responding and in reviewing other replies, QAP-online-Education believes that participants may grow professionally in an international environment. In its simplist form, it may be considered a discussion forum and its advanced form, a precursor to further qualifications. During its development stages, it is hoped that the interaction from participanting will be reward in itself. 0
How it works.
515 QAP-online education works as a quality assurance process. QAP-online provides a scheme devoted to a specific form of education. Each scheme has a modertor who is responsible for creating the questions and replying to each reply. The scheme will operate for a calendar year and contain a series of question that are made available sequentially throught the year. Each month participants can access the current question and submit a reply. The moderator will prepare a standard reply to each question and a brief note to each submission. A ranking will be provided to encourage quality in responses and to provide a guide to other participants who may view the better submissions. 0
Education Modules
517 The page display the list of current education modules. 0
Flawed Data Entry. Notifying QAP-online of an error in submitting a QAP reply.
681 QAP-online has been developed to operate in an International environment and acknowledges that sometimes a participant may submit an unintentional incorrect reply to a QAP question. When this happens, the participants QA statistics are not valid and the data pool as a whole is corrupted. What can you do?? 0
QAP-online Policy QAP-onlines Policy on Flawed data submission.
683 QAP-online is developing a policy on flawed data submission. We are keen to encourage all participants to be involved in quality assurance without compromising other participants. If a subscriber is aware that the data or optioon selected was not what was intended, they may request the data be altered. IF the scheme administrator is aware that a specific data entry is more than 3 standard deviations from the mean and appears to be a true outlier then the administrator may activate an action to remove the outlier from the dateset. 0
Invalid Data Options for addressing Flawed Data
684 There are several options available to QAP-online. First the data is allowed to remain as a valid data point. Second, the data may be marked as InValid Data. Thirdly, the data may be allowed to be updated with the intended value or option. All data adjustments are now logged in a specific table for review. 0
Invalid Data What happens when a data entry is marked as invalid?
685 One field in the Reply Table indicates if the data entry is VALID or INVALID. On submission all data is declared as valid. If a submission is made without selecting an option or declaring a value, the reply is recorded for the quiz number by the subscriber but the reply is not used in any calculation or summary. If an unintentional option or value is selected, then the submission is recorded as a valid entry. After detection as an outlier or a notification by the participant that the data was erroneous, QAP-online may elect to leave the data as submitted but mark the record as INVALID. An invalid reply is excluded from calculations of variance and is excluded from any end of scheme estimates of bias or goodness of fit. The data set used in any calculations are always available (on most computers) as a table that may be posted into an Excel spreadsheet. The Invalid Data entry is highlighted in red and marked Invalid. The result on the participants summary tables are also marked as invalid. 0
What is QAP-online Primary Aim.
599 QAP-online is a new initiative of FertAid. It set out to provide an environment where all staff involved in one or more of the disciplines in reproductive sciences could participate in quality programs in their areas.It is open to individuals or clinics and to all relevant professional areas including IVF clinics, pathology departments, radiology departments, clinical professionals, research and teaching units, veterinary and others as appropiate. 0
The Basics Series and Schemes
600 QAP-online is based on a set of primary quality groups that encompasses a discipline within the reproductive sciences. Examples of groups include Human Andrology and Human Embryology. Within each group are a series of key quality topic such as sperm motility or embryo fragmentation. Each series contains a number of schemes in which a subscriber may participate. Each scheme operates for one calender year. Within each series is a key question that forms the basis of the quality system eg % sperm motility. The key question is used to provide multiple levels of performance summaries that are available online. 0
Participation. Individual and Company Subscriptions.
601 A key feature of QAP-online is the concept of individual or group based subscription and participation. All current QAP systems are based upon the distribution of a number of samples that are processed by an idividual on one day. While this provides a mechanism for random assessment, the clinic needs to underpin this with a detailed internal quality control program to ensure all staff are equally competent. QAP-online seeks to bridge these two systems. An individual may participate in one or more schemes and access the reporting summaries for their own performance. Each company may also provide participation for each of their staff by enrolling the clinic itself and providing access to each appropiate staff member. In this way, the company can operate an internal QC program with full reporting options on each staff member and also compare its company performance against all other participants in the scheme. 0
Management QAP Supervisor.
602 IF you elect to participate as a company, one individual must act as a QAP supervisor. The supervisor has access rights over all other staff within the company and may view the performance of each staff within each scheme/series. Each company may be divided into individual laboratories and staff allocated to their own laboratory. This provides the capacity for a company to review its performance by individual, by laboratory, by company and by all participants. 0
Reporting. Full reporting features.
603 All key QAP questions are numeric and are reported as standard deviations from the mean of the data set both graphically and statistically. Data may be viewed as the results of an individual installment or all installments over the life of the scheme. Data may also be sorted either by all participants, only those nominated to be actively involved in the topic of the series, only those within ones own company and where possible, only for those participants of peer status. All scheme summaries also include an estimate of goodness of fit for the achieved distribution against an expected distribution and an estimate of bias. A one page summary exists for each individual or for the company for all schemes in a year completes the reporting modules. 0
Education Support Questions and feedback.
604 Each scheme is composed of one or more monthly installments that contain and image (picture, animated picture, viideo or text) and an accompaning number of questions. While one question will be the key QAP question, others are provided to assist in the quality control process. Most of these are multiple choice. The response to each question when answered can be viewed immediately against all other replies to date for immediate assessment of one performance. Most questions have (or will have) a help/ information option and all installments when completed have a comment/reply capacity to comment on, raise queries or engage in discussion. The feedback education capabilites of QAP-online are a key component of the site. 0
Accreditation Professional Accreditation.
605 QAP-online is being developed to meet International standard for proficiency testing ILAC-G13:2000 and ISO 43-1/2. When development of the site is complete, professional accreditation as a Proficiency Testing Providor will be sort. It is anticipated this will occur during 2003. 0
Please Note What QAP-online is not!
606 Current external QA schemes provide one or more samples 2-4 times a year. These samples require procesing and handling within the laboratory. As such the results include both specimen handling and an individual staff members interpretation and operate as a spot check on the laboratories performance. QAP-online is not engaged in live specimen assessment but is engaged in ensuring the visual interpretation of all staff members within an organisation are consistent within the organisation and between organisations. QAP-online recommends that some quality systems may require participation on both types of schemes. 0
More Information Need more information?
612 For more information, it is recommended you access QAP-online -> Information ->About QAP-online or email by CONTACT. 0
Introduction What is the Surveys Folder about?
608 The Survey Folder of QAP-online aims to provide professionals with a forum to know what is the current status of a specific area of reproductive science. It uses the database structure of QAP-online to create and manage a series of questions in a specific discipline. The summary of the responses are available to all browsers and reflect no more than a breakdown of the replies received. It is accessible to anyone but they need to register and identify their associations. FertAid management reviews the status of each participants and limits participation to bona fide participants. 0
Topics The Range of Survey Topics.
607 The surveys available are still under development. FertAid is open to any reasonable request to host a survey. If you are interested in a specific area, please contact FertAid. You will need to supply a list of questions and possible option for reply. The data without identifying information can be returned to your for further analysis is needed. Some topics will be posted by FertAid. These are designed to provide a current snapshop of the IVF industry protocols and are intended to be renewed each year. 0
Participation How to participate?
609 Because Surveys operates as a QA Series, participation is either by registering with QAP-online and enrolling within QAP-online OR selecting the Survey Folder Option and registering and enrolling directly into the scheme of your choice. Please do not register more than once if possible. Answer each question as you see fit. You may return at any time to complete the survey if you are unable to answer all queastion the first time. It is voluntary and anonymous within the context of QAP-online. 0
Feedback Feedback on replies.
610 Since QA Surveys operates as within QAP-online, each series of questions are linked within a common subject. After all questions within a subject have been answered, the comments section becomes available to engage in further discussion. Some surveys will ask if you would be prepared to be involved in further questions. If answered yes, then your email address may be supplied to the organiser of the survey. If sufficient replies are received, then the potential exists that future coding may allow for breakdown into replies by region or country. 0
More Information Need more information?
613 For more information, it is recommended you access QAP-online -> Information ->About QAP-online or email by CONTACT. 0
The QAP Concept Please read the concept and database structure of QAP-online
614 The database structure of QAP-online is basically groups( general disciplines eg Andrology), series ( specific topics for quality control eg % embryo fragmentation), schemes (annual, subscribable episodes of a series containing one or more installments per month), installments ( contains an image or text or video together with a series of questions), QAP question ( the primary QA/QC question of the series). 0
Introduction What is QAP-online Education?
611 The Education Folder of QAP-online has been developed to operate within QAP-online. The education schemes are grouped within the education section of QA schemes. They use the registration and questions capabilities of QAP-online but are directed at a new and exciting concept in professional education. 0
The Demonstration Schemes The aim of the Demonstration schemes.
615 The Demonstration schemes are provided to allow you the opportunity to explore the site without having to register. No one likes having to register and supply information to a web site unless there is some understanding of what follows. The demontrations schemes are provided to provide some insight. Unfortunately, the concept of the site is based upon knowing who is enrolled and what questions have been answered (otherwise you could keep answering the same questions !). 0
Now What? What do I do after trying the demonstration schemes?
616 It is recommended that if you would like to explore the site further, then you should register to create a unqiue record and join the the free demonstration schemes from within QAP-online. While the images and questions are the same, the page flow is different and similar to that experienced if you are enrolled in one of the many QA schemes available. If you have any concerns please feel free to contact FertAid. The demonstrations schemes are free to access. Because of this, the full reporting capabilities of the site cannot be accessed. 0
Demo Schemes What demonstration schemes are available?
617 There are 3 demonstrations schemes currently available. These explore Human Andrology, Human Embryology and Basic Reporting. 0
Andrology Andrology Demonstration Scheme.
618 The primary series in Human Andrology include schemes for spem motility and sperm morphology. Both schemes use videos and animated image files to provide information to be assessed. The demonstrations scheme provides questions using the same video image but displayed in one of the three formats used in thise site (mov, mpg, avi formats).If you are able to access one of these formats, then the QA schemes may be a viable option for you. It also provides you with the opportunity to find a driver that works. 0
New Registration.-Welcome
488 Welcome to QAP-online. You will only see this page once. QAP-online is a database designed web site to provide online Quality assurance tools for IVF and the Reproductive Sciences. Please record in an accessible location, your logon code and password since you will need them each time you return to the site. If you forget them, you can use your email address to have them posted to you again. If you need to correct your email address, use [My Profile] to edit your details. Using the Options menu, you can select [Help Options] to access several pages that provide information on the site. Always select [MyQAPHome] to return to Home. Your comments and suggestions on the site are always appreciated. Thank you. Dr James Stanger. Director. 0
21 This Issue contains a series of questions about the image or text. Some may be relevant to your current practice while others may be less so. You may respond to as many questions as you think appropriate. Click on the magnifying glass to select a question. This will produce a web page with a set of options from which you may select the one most appropriate to your current practice. Select the reverse image to see all the replies to the question.
30 The page, MySCHEMES, lists all the QAP schemes in which you have enrolled. Each scheme has a scheme code and are listed in order to disciplines. If you wish you may use the dropdown menu to display only those schemes for the selected discipline. You may also select SELECT SCHEMES WITH OUTSTANDING QUESTIONS. This option displays only those installments where one or more questions remain unanswered. Its a quick way to check what questions you need to complete to keep up to date. On each scheme panel, an option DETAILS is available. Selecting this option allows you to modify your proficiency status (student-professional) as well as print out an enrollment certificate, an invoice and list of other team members in the same scheme if you are enrolled in a QAP group. Each scheme also indicates if it is attached to a QAP group and the proficiency status in which you are enrolled.
3 The QAP group is defined by the QAP supervisor and is a record in the Company Table. When the record is created, a company code is displayed. This company code is used to link separate subscribers together to form a QAP group. The group may comprise on 2 or more staff. Each staff member must register independently but can then link to the QAP group by selecting "HOW TO ……Add my name to an Internal QAP group" found on myQAP-Home Page.
28 Welcome to QAP-online Help Pages. This table is in the early stages of development. It is hoped it will be both an assistance to you in navigating the site and be an educational tool in providing additional information on each question. QAP_online welcomes any comments and suggestions to improve the site. It is after all designed to provide scientists, clinical staff and others working in area of reproductive and related life sciences be it directly or indirectly. Dr James Stanger PhD.
MyQAP Home Page
29 Your home page with QAP-online is the entry page when you have logged on. The menu on the top of the page provides you with the 9 primary options. The menu should appear on each page when you are operating as a registered user as apposed to a general web browser. If you have just registered, Welcome. If you wish to be part of a QA Clinic or group, it is recommended you first create the link by selecting [How To..-Add my name to a QA group]. The [Help options] will provide you with a list of help pages to familarise yourslf with QAP-online. The page allow you to easily enroll or remove oneself from a QAP group.
Company Home Page
483 Welcome. The Company Home Page is your default page when you have been linked to company or internal QA group. If your group has obtained a group subscription for a scheme of interest to you, you may join [Join Scheme] and participate directly [Enroll]. One member is listed as the QA Supervisor [QAS] for the group. The QAS is responsible for allocation to a laboratory and final review of the QA summaries. If you make an error in a QA response, your QAS may help you. You may review your own performance [Reports/Other]. If you have any queries consult either the QAS or QAP-online. Selecting myQAPHome will always return you to this page. 0
19 The list below contains all the Issues with the selected scheme. Each Issue contains an image or text together with a series of questions about the image or text. Click on the magnifying glass to view the image or text and questions. The clock indicates that the Issue is not available until the nominated date. The pale magnifying glass if present indicates you have answered this question. Click on the glass icon to view the summary of replies to this question. The number to the right of the row indicate the number of all registered replies to this quiz and the number of those replies that were the same as your reply. Since some of these answers may have been made by students or trainees, you should click on the pale glass to review the distribution of answers either within your clinic (if linked to a QAP group), other scientists who are actively involved in the same discipline or all subscribers.
About Company Home Page
495 The company home page is the default home page when you have either created a new company record or created a link to an existing company. The company home page allows to you view other members of your group, to enroll in a QA scheme for which your company has paid a clinic subscription and to view the results of the clinic as well as your own summaries. IF you wish to be part of a QA group, ask your QAP supervisor for the company specific code and then select [Add my name to a QA group] and proceed. Your name will be available to all members of the group. 0
Free Schemes
486 Not all of the QA scheme in QAP-online require a paid subscription. Using the same database model, other schemes are available for no fee. Some of these are demonstration schemes for Andrology and Embryology. Others such as surveys are of public interest while others such as abnormal embyros are a form of a catalogue. All use the same concept of a series of releases each containing an image with or without questions and all with associated comments. The comments allow browsers to make a comment or ask a question. 0
My limited Home Page Information about my Home Page where with limited subscription rights.
589 You have enrolled in a QA scheme as a student for a discounted subcription fee. The discounted rate is available for students or professionals where the cost of particiapting is problematic. This allows you free access to all QA schemes at the same level and to individual reporting of your performance however, it precludes you from belonging to an individual clinic or laboratory and from participating in the Internal/External QA capacity of the site. Please contact FertAid if you wish to change your subscription level. All QA schemes have several levels of comparison including all subscribers, those professionally involved in the discipline of the scheme ( eg Andrology) and against selected participants of peer status. The limited subscription allows comparison with only the first of these options. 0
About QAP Supervisor
494 The QAP Supervisor [QAS] is a self appointed staff member of a QA group or clinic or laboratory who has the responsibility for the quality assurance management both within their own laboratory and within QAP-online. The QAS can transfer their role to another member of the group. THE QAS has the authority to create and edit individual laboratories within the group and to allocate staff to their laboratory. The QAP also has the authority to view the QA records of other staff members, to prepare monthly and annual QA reports and to delete an individual response of a member of the group if submitted in error. 0
Education Page
487 Welcome to QAP-online: Education module. 0
31 There are several levels at which a subscriber may register when enrolling with a scheme. The levels include (a) Student (b) Associate (a subscriber working in a related discipline to the scheme e.g. an embryologist enrolling in an andrology scheme) (c) Professional - a subscriber working in the subject of the scheme (d) Peer - not available by selection and only by invitation. The various status levels are designed to allow a variety of scientists to enroll in a scheme without their inexperience effecting the assessment. When a subscriber replies to a question e.g. % sperm morphology, the reply can be compared to either all subscribers ( including students), only professionals (or above) , or if part of a QAP group, only other group members regardless of their status.
Reporting Features
498 QAP online has several levels of online reporting. Virtual reports are generated for each individual for each question, for all staff for each release or installment and a clinic based scheme report of year to date submissions. 0
Help with Reporting.
499 The reporting facilities of QAP-online require you to have replied to a question in order to see most reports. The simple reason for this is to maintain the integrity of the database by not allowing participants to view the data before replying!. This means that if you do not reply to the question, you cannot generate a viable report. 0
How Report Module Works
500 QAP-online is a structured data base file containing infomation on each scheme, each release or installment, each quiz , each question and each option available. Information on the subscriber and their replies to each quiz are collected and retrieved for reporting together with information about your clinic code and the subscriber status you selected when enrolling. When you request a report, you need to nominate which question or quiz should form the report. Since many questions are repeated over each quiz, a report may be either how you as a subsciber compared to others for a particular question eg % fragmentation or how your clinic performed during a specific installment. Individual data can be displayed over the course of the QAP scheme so that say for % fragmention, this question may have been asked 25 times. Your report will document your answer for each question and will produce a summary at the end. If the data is a multiple choice type question, the option you selected is presented as a % of all replies. The data is presented as a table indicating this ratio and the data set is repeated for every instance of the question within a scheme. If the question is of a numeric nature eg % sperm morphology, the data for each instance of the question is presented as the number of SD units your answer was from the group mean. 0
Individual Reports
501 Each subscriber may view the results of any reply either as soon as the question has been answered. When you attempt to reply to a question a second time, QAP-online will direct you to your answer and provide a virtual summary of the reply. You may return at any time via Enrollments to revisit the summary to a specific question. As additional subscribers join the scheme and complete the quiz sets, the data for the quiz will change. QAP-online has at present not instituted a predefined duration to answer but when schemes are available from the start of the each year, an option to restrict the dataset to time limit may be available. You may also report the data by seleting REPORTS and INDIVIDUAL REPORTS to select a scheme. You will be presented with a list of questions to which you have replied. Selecting a question will generate a repor for your answers for that queation for that scheme. You may redefine the data set of interest to you or your data supervisor and print the report by removing the header options. 0
Clinic Report
27 The Clinic Report provides a summary of the replies from your clinic for the Primary QAP Question for the scheme compared to all other subscribers. The bar indicates the mean and 1 Standard deviation of each data set and a one way ANOVA. You will need to consult your own stat table to determine if the F-value indicates your clinic is or is not significantly different from the other subscribers. You may select a comparison either between all subscribers or only those scientists actively involved in the subject of the scheme.
Scheme Lists Scheme Lists
545 Scheme Lists 0
Annual QAP Annual QAP
548 Annual QAP 0
Series List Series List
546 Series List 0
QAP Supervisor Help
519 The QAP-Supervisors Help module outlines many of the functions of the QAP Supervisor. 0
Subscription List Subscription List
547 Subscription List 0
Changing Supervisor How to change the QAP Supervisor
523 IF you are the QAP Supervisor, you may change the Supervisor to any other member of your group. Select from the drop down list to effect the change. IF the new supervisor is not on the list, you will need to register them and allocate them to the Internal QA group using the company code before transferring the highly prized postion to another. 0
Staff Option Staff Option
557 The Staff Option Page details all the staff who are linked to your QA group. Each staff member is identified with their subscriber number, their name, the laboratory they are associated with and their current status. If you select EDIT STAFF, you will generate a page outlining all the QA schemes the staff member is enrolled in and the number of outstanding question. In this way you can keep tabs on which staff members are falling behind with their QC. 0
Delete Entry QAP Supervisor Rights to Delete Data Entry
558 As QAP Supervisor, you are able to correct an enrty by any member of your QA group. The staff member will need to identify the data entry number. This is a little difficlut to identify but you should ask the staff member to open the scheme and the installment and then click on the incorrect question. The summary page for this question will indicate the answer data entry number. When you have this number, as QAP Supervisor, you should select the Correct Data Entry Option and type in the data entry number. Hopefully, this will confirm that the number belongs to a member of your group. You will be asked if you wish to delete it. If you select YES then the record is deleted. Your staff member may then return to the scheme and repeat the reply. Sounds complicated but it is not really. Let FertAid know if you have problems. 0
MyProfile MyProfile
559 ::Information about this question has yet to be added to the HelpTable 0
Subscription Options Subscription Options
560 Subscription Options 0
Edit Enrolment Edit Enrolment
561 Edit Enrolment 0
EnrollmentGroup EnrollmentGroup
562 EnrollmentGroup. Other staff members enrolled in this scheme. 0
Staff Results Staff Results
563 Staff Results. On this page, you may select any current scheme in which you are enrolled and review the results of your clinic against all other subscribers. 0
Monthly Reports Monthly Reports for Primary QAP
564 Monthly Reports for Primary QAP. When you select a scheme to review, this page details all the installments to the selected scheme and displays the Primary QAP question for each installment. If you wish to review other questions other than the Primary QAP question, please select REPORTS/INDIVIDUAL OPTIONS. 0
QAP Supervisor Report QAP supervisor Report Home Page.
585 There are various options available to the QAP supervisor to explore and report on the clinics activities. Essentially there are 3 levels, at the individual staff level, on each months installment and at an annual level. Most reporting options allow you to drill down or drill up within the data set. 0
ReviewStaffEnroll Review Staff Enrollments
581 This page outlines all the schemes the staff member is enrolled and their current activity status. There is an option to edit the staff members details including the laboratory they work in. 0
StaffList Staff and laboratory Listings
521 This page summaries the laboratory and staff allocated to your QA group or laboratory. 0
What is a QAP Group Definition of a QAP Group.
628 A QAP Group is defined here as a group of staff employed within a company, a clinic, a student population. It is any group that has a professional identity. It is formed by one member, nominated as the QAP Supervisor, who registers with the site and elects to create a QAP group. This entails making him or her the QAP supervisor and creating a record of the company or clinic. When this is completed, a linking code called the clinic code is automatically generated by the site. 0
Clinic Code Linking staff members by the Clinic Code.
630 The site uses the company registration code to identify if a person belongs to a QAP group. Once a QAP group has been created, staff members within the company will need to register with QAP-online and then select the button ADD MY NAME TO A QAP GROUP located on the left side of the home page under the How To.. flag. This produces a page in which the staff member selects the radio button Link me to clinic code and types in the clinic code. If the code exists, the browser is linked to the QAP group. 0
Access Rights Security regarding access rights to a QAP Group.
631 Under the current arrangements, anyone with the clinic code may join directly online. However, the name of all members of the group are available to all other members and the QAP supervisor had the right to delete an unacceptable or inappropriate staff member. Increased levels of security are under development but the aim of the site is to make access uncomplicated. The QAP Supervisor can apply to have the access code altered at any time. 0
How to join Staff There are 2 ways staff members may join a QA group.
633 There are two ways staff may join a QA group. The first is for the QA supervisor to register each staff member from the QAP home page by typing in the name, address and contact details. An email welcoming the staff member is sent to the staff member on registration detailing their logon code and password. Alternatively, a QA supervisor may broadcast to those concerned that each staff member should register with QAP-online and provide the clinic code and the above instructions detailing how the staff make the link to the QA group. The QA supervisor is not automatically informed who has joined the group but selecting REVIEW MEMBERS OF THE GROUP will provide the information. 0
Joining a QA Scheme Enroling the clinic/laboratory in a QA scheme
632 While individuals may enrol in a QA scheme, a unique feature of the site is the capacity for a clinic to enrol as a group in one scheme(clinic subscription), all schemes in one discipline eg Andrology (professional subscription) or all schemes in all disciplines (global subscription). This means that one payment has unlimited enrolments. It also means that a staff member may register, link to a QA group and enrol in a QA scheme online without any further payment or limitation. 0
How to enrol staff. Enrolling staff in a QA scheme.
634 There are two ways staff may enrol in a QA Scheme. Staff may enrol either via the JOIN SCHEME option or the quick join option on the company home page. 0
Join Current Schemes. Option 1 Enroling in current schemes.
635 If the clinic has subscribed with a clinic, professional or global subscription, a table detailing the schemes IN THE CURRENT YEAR is displayed after logging onto QAP-online. The status of the staff member to each scheme is listed. If the staff member is not enrolled, the option to join the scheme is displayed as ....Not Enrolled - ENROL. Selecting this option opens the page detailing the scheme information. If the staff member wishes to join schemes from previous years, they will need to use the JOIN SCHEME option. 0
Join Scheme Option Option # 2 - Join Scheme Option
636 On the top of each page is a header menu option. The middle option is JOIN SCHEME. This is the universal way to enrol in a scheme. This allows the browser to select either ALL schemes (all QA scheme in all years both free and by subscription), VIEW ALL SCHEMES AVAILABLE TO MEMBERS OF YOUR CLINIC (this option details only those schemes your clinic has a clinic-wide subscription but over the current and previous years) and VIEW [2003] SCHEMES (those schemes with a clinic wide subscription but for the current year only). This latter option is the same as the quick option above. IF a clinic member wishes to enrol in a free scheme, they may proceed. If they wish to join a scheme requiring subscription but which is not supported by your clinic, the payment options are also displayed on this page. 0
Enrolling. Select a scheme and enrol.
637 Selecting an option displays the list of schemes available. Each scheme details the number of enrolments received to date. Select the magnifying glass to enrol in the scheme of interest. Each staff member will need to repeat this process for each scheme of interest. Each scheme has a code that provides some information about the scheme eg HAA2003 indicates it is scheme A in Human Andrology [HA] series and is available for the year 2003. SELECT the magnifying glass to profile the scheme details. This page details scheme information and lists each release for the year [a red tick indicates the instalment can now be accessed, a clock indicates the instalment cannot be accessed until the nominated date]. OF IMPORTANCE is the line Subscription Eligibility. If the clinic has obtained a clinic wide subscription, this will indicate {Your subscription has been paid for by your clinic. You can enrol in this scheme}. Selecting the button - ENROL IN THIS SCHEME! - creates a record of the staff members enrolment in the scheme and links the enrolment to your clinic wide subscription. The staff member can now participate. THIS MAY SOUND COMPLICATED BUT IT REQUIRES ANSWERS TO ONLY 2-3 QUESTIONS AND CAN BE ACHIEVED ONLINE IN A FEW SECONDS. An email is sent to the staff member confirming that an enrolment in the scheme of interest has been completed. If an email is not received, it may mean their email address is incorrect!!! 0
Enrolment Privileges Who can enrol and Enrollment Privileges.
638 QAP-online accepts that each clinic/ company/ laboratory will have a different policy on Quality Assurance participation. AT THE CURRENT TIME, QAP-online wishes to provide access to any staff member interested and enthusiastic about quality. It remains the responsibility of the QA Supervisor to outline the rules in their organization. Under the current arrangements, only the staff member can enrol in a QA scheme. The QA Supervisor may logon on as the staff member and perform the enrolment or may allow each staff member to enrol as directed. 0
Doing the QA Scheme Completing the Monthly QA installments.
639 As evident from the list of instalments displayed prior to enrolling, each QA scheme has one or more monthly instalments. Each instalment will contain an image, a slide show set of images, a video or text. Associated with each instalment are one or more questions about the image. However, one question, the QAP question is the critical, numeric question that forms the basis of the QA scheme. Each participant should answer at the very least, this QAP question each month. Selection is either by clicking on Enrolments in the upper menu and selecting the scheme and the instalment OR selecting OUTSTANDING Q(uestions) that detail each instalment with unanswered questions. Each participant may after submitting an answer, select on the installment code and view a summary of the instalment to date as SD from the group mean. 0
Review Data Review the progress of the QA scheme.
640 There are two levels of reporting for each scheme. By selecting REPORTS in the upper menu, each participant may review their own performance by selecting INDIVIDUAL REPORTS- selecting the scheme and selecting the question. A summary of each instalment is displayed as SD from the group mean for numeric data and as a histogram for multiple choice questions. The data may be viewed as either against all participants, those participants with professional skills or those participants within your own QA group. The data can be printed at any time for your QA Reports. The second data set is a summary for the clinic as against all other participants. 0
Other Options Other Options available to the QAP supervisor.
641 If you are flagged as the QAP supervisor, several other options are available to you. In addition to the above data review options, the QAP supervisor may review all staff attached to the QA group, may create individual laboratories and allocate staff to each laboratory. In addition using Staff Summaries provides the opportunity to review the logon code and passwords for each staff and to email them directly. Participation rates for each staff member in each scheme is available as well as the capacity to delete an incorrect reply by a staff member. This area is one of continuous change and improvement. 0
Supervisor Summary QAP Supervisor Summaries.
642 As QAP supervisor, you may review your own performance, and that of your staff. Individual staff members can be reviewed as can the clinic for each instalment and for the scheme year to date. There are several ways to explore this data as QAP-online seeks to deliver the best vehicle for reporting. By selecting QAP Supervisor option from the company home page, you may select either Key QAP Reports, Key QAP Summaries or Staff Summaries. The data is always delivered as year to date data sets, drilled down via each instalment drilled down to individual staff performance sets. Each instalment has the potential for the QAP supervisor to make a comment on the staff performance. 0
UpdateClinic UpdateClinic
556 At present, the original QA Supervisor may access and edit the clinic/ laboratory/ groups address and contact details. If you chanfge QA supervisors, you will need to remember the logon code and password of the original supervisor. Thsi section has been earmarked for review. 0
Outstanding Questions OutstandingQuestions to be completed
520 This page displays the outstanding questions in currently enrolled schemes that do not have a reply from you. 0
Report- Annual Summary QAP Supervisor Reports- Annual Summary Report
583 The QAP Supervisor Annual Report is a summary of all schemes your clinic in enrolled in for the selected year. It attempts to summarise on one page, the clinics performance during the year. You may select nay of the listed schemes from the drop down menu and drill down through the data set for more information. See other links for more information. Please note that the summary does not indicate how many of your staff have participated only that at least ONE has. The unanswered questions relates to whether there is a reply by at least one staff member against the key QAP quesstion for each installment. 0
Report- Annual Summary-2 Report- Annual Summary-Data Table
586 Report- Annual Summary. The data table in the annual summary is the summary of all installments wituhin the scheme. Each installment contains a QAp key question. This key question is numeric and normally distributed (as much as a % is normally distributed). The clinics mean value for the question is expressed in Standard Deviation units from the overall group mean over the range -3SD to + 3 SD. The number of installments within these SD units is summed over the scheme and presented in the data table as the observed data line. The expected distribution, based upon a normal distribution is tabled in the Expected line. 0
Report- Annual Summary-3 Report- Annual Summary - Test for Goodness of Fit
587 Report- Annual Summary. The first test of the data is the test fro Goodness of Fit. A simple 2 X 6 ChiSquare Assessment for Goodness of fit is performed where the outlying data of more than 2 SD is combined and the observed distribution is compared to the expected distribution. 0
Report- Annual Summary-4 Report- Annual Summary- Estimate fo Bias.
588 Report- Annual Summary. The second test of the data set is for bias where the number of installments with a clinic mean either above or below the overall group mean is tabled as a 2 x 2 Contingency Table. This statistic tests for whether the number of samples with a postivie or negative bias is consistent with a normal distribution. In a perfect QA program, the number of samples above and below the mean should be equal. 0
Key QAP Reports Key QAP Reports
522 The Key QAP Reports are the central set of reports of QAP-online. They represent the very reason for the web site. The Key QAP reports are only available to the QAP Supervisor although some are currently also available to all group members. Of all the questions asked about an image or video, the Key QAP question is the central question of the scheme eg % sperm morphology. 0
Join Option Page detailing the options about schemes, subscriptions and enrollments.
843 The Join option of the Join Menu details the various options and information pages about schemes, subscriptions, costs and enrollments 0
How to enrol Information Sheet on the the enrollment process.
844 This page is an information page describing the process you need to follow to enroll. 0
Structure of Scheme Details the data structure for QAPonline
845 Read this page to appreciate the data structure for QAPonline. It may help to understand the selection process to find and enroll in a QA scheme. 0
Supervisor Menu Options. The QAP Supervisor Options Panel contains a number of Options.
736 The QAP Supervisor is availale to the QAP Supervisor. Co-Supervisors may see the report modules but only the QAP Sueprvisor will have access to the functions for this menu profile. 0
Supervisor Reports Options attached to the Supervisor Reports Profile.
737 The Profile for the Supervisors Reports are available to both the QAP Supervisor and any staff the Supervisor has selected CoSupervisor in Staff Edit. The report modules allow the browser to see the QA Summaries for all staff over all schemes as well as staff replies to other questions that are not the QAP Question of each scheme. 0
Options Additional Option for Supervisor
738 List of additional Options available to the QAP Supervisor. 0
Supervisor Reports. Supervisor Reports Options.
757 The options in this menu are only avialable to QAP Supervisors or QAP CoSupervisors. 0
Summary Key Reports Summary Key Reports
758 This option displays a summary of all scheme in the current year. The summary is a Goodness of Fit Table for each scheme indicating the number of installments of the Key QAP Question that fell between -3Sd and +3SD from the mean. The information is the collected from all the submissions by your company compared to all other submissions by participants at a professional level for each scheme. You may select any scheme to examine the data by selecting the icon 0
Annual Key Reports Annual Key Reports
759 Annual Key Reports may be access directly from this option or by Summary Key Reports and selecting the icon for the scheme. Selecting Annual Key Reports displays a list of all schemes listed by scheme and year. Selecting a scheme displays all results for the QAP question for all installments in the scheme year to date. The data is dispalyed as the mean of the value for your companies staff compared to all othe professional coded participants in the scheme. 0
New QAP group. The QAP Supervisor Options Panel contains a number of Options.
739 This option has been included because it is possible for a browser to nominate themsleves as a QAP Supervisor but not make a QAP Group. IF a group has already been established, you will not need to make another one. If you wish to make subgroups within your QAP group, you should add a new laboratory [see below]. When a QAP group is made, a laboratory called CENTRAL LABORATORY is also made. 0
QAP Associations QAP Associations menu panel.
760 0
Change Supervisor. How to change the QAP Supervisor.
740 THE QAP Supervisor has access rights to all staff information and identity for members of the QA group. However, staff move and if it becomes necessary to appoint a new staff member to the the top job, the current QAP supervisor needs to select this option and select the name of the new Supervisor and submit the request. 0
Edit Company Data Editing the Company Primary Information.
741 You have completed your own address information when you registered, QAP_online used some this information when you created the QA group. You can eidt this company information by using your login code and password to access the company details. This is used in some reporting pages and on your home/company page. You can also add a company banner by creating a company icon and emailing it to office@fertaid.com. I will then load it to the web site. 0
Laboratories Creating a new Laboratory Record
742 QAP-online allows a company to enroll staff in various laboratories inside its network. This means that the QAP Supervisor may review the performance of staff member in any laboratory at any time. Choosing Laboratories allows the QAP Supervisor to edit or delete a laboratory. You need to have reallocated staff assigned to laboratory before deletion. Many Clinics or Major laboratories have several sub laboratories. All staff should be allocated to a laboratory. New Reporting tools all the Supervisor or Laboratory Manager to review the reports for a specific laboratory rather than the whole QAP group. PLEASE NOTE that each submission by a staff member will be tagged to the QAP Group (Company) AND the Laboratory. This may have some impact of the specific laboratory reporting. 0
New Laboratory Create a new Laboratory.
743 This option allows you to create a new Laboratory as a subgroup to the QAP group you belong to. 0
Staff List The QAP Supervisor Options Panel contains a number of Options.
744 This list contains all the CURRENT staff who are part of your QAP Group. It details their name, laboratory and Status/ professional area. You may order the list by Name, Laboratory or Status. In the Upper menu, there is a list of ex-staff. QAPonline keeps a log of when a staff member joins the QAP group and when they leave the QAP group. CHOOSING any staff name, allows the QAP supervisor to modify the staff profile and status as well as review their enrollments and performance. CHOOSE EDIT STATUS to mark a staff member a laboratory manager or Co-Supervisor (Able to see the reporting modules). 0
Enrol Staff The QAP Supervisor Options Panel contains a number of Options.
745 A key element for the QAP Suprevisor. This option allows you to enroll a staff member in any scheme as long as there is a valid subscription. CHOSE Enrol Staff, chose the year (the default is the current year) and chose a scheme. The scheme codes are used for space reasons but you can you the UP and DOWN arrows to navigate between the schemes. The display profile includes the current staff list, the their laboratory, their status (see below), reminder tag and action options. To enroll a staff member merely select {ENROLL IN SCHEME} and an edit box appears at the top of the list. When enrolling a staff member, you need to select a skill level from student, associate (previous experience) or professional (currently approved to perform the tasks that are the subject of the scheme). You can also nominate a professional society, mark the enrollment for the staff member to receive a monthly reminder and mark the staff member to receive an email informing them of their enrollment. 0
Staff Summary The QAP Supervisor Options Panel contains a number of Options.
746 The Staff summary follows a similar process as enroll staff but in this case allow the Supervisor to select a scheme and see all the enrollments in that scheme including the number of replies by the staff member. This is a measure of compliance. An email address is provide to allow you to email the staff member. The display options allow you to quickly look at the results for the scheme without having to open the report modules. Selecting Results opens the portal to the scheme summary in Reports directly. You can also change the status of any staff to a PEER status. NOTE this list only displays the current staff and does not show staff who have enrolled as part of your QAP group and subsequently left the group. Select `Review all Enrollments ` to see the complete list. 0
Staff Competency Facility to create a staff comptency statment.
1047 The menu option takes the QAP Supervisor to a new menu structure where you can create a complete staff annual competency statement. A separate menu description will be available shortly.
FertAid Mail
1048 FertAid Mail is a new initiative in late 2009. Selecting this link takes you to a mail management page. Essentially, FertAid Mail is a regular email distribution containing hyper links to recent news stories and publications that may be of interest to IVF staff. When they select an item, their selection is logged against their name. This allows you as supervisor to display and print out a history of their professional development (at least a far as FertAid mail is concerned).
New Subscriptions Allows a Sueprvisor to order a new subscription and pay by credit card.
1049 This option allows a Sueprvisor to order a new subscription and pay by credit card.
Certificates The QAP Supervisor Options Panel contains a number of Options.
747 This option allows you to display and print the schemes in any year they your QAP Group has enrolled in. Selecting any scheme displays the staff who are enrolled in the selected scheme 0
Orders/Receipts The QAP Supervisor Options Panel contains a number of Options.
748 This menu option allows you the see all the invoices raised against your Company or QAP group. Selecting an invoice opens a copy of the invoice in a new window to print and process. If you select PAYMENT, then this opens in a new window Credit Card Payment Facilities. In the left hand menu is the option to book a new subscription on line. 0
Join QAP Association The QAP Supervisor Options Panel contains a number of Options.
749 Under development. 0
Correction Request The QAP Supervisor Options Panel contains a number of Options.
750 Under development. 0
Develop Guidelines The QAP Supervisor Options Panel contains a number of Options.
751 Under development. 0
Review Questions The QAP Supervisor Options Panel contains a number of Options.
752 Under development. 0
Company Settings The QAP Supervisor Options Panel contains a number of Options.
753 Under development. 0
QAP Associations QAP Associations menu panel.
761 0
Details Summary of name, Address and contact details
756 Select this option to see the staff members name,address, contact details, current status and logon code and password. This does not allow editing. To edit the information, select EDIT PROFILE. You need to have selected as staff member to access this option. 0
QAP Associations QAP Associations menu panel.
762 0
Enrollments QAP Scheme Menu Panel.
763 Select to review the number of QA scheme in which you are enrolled. You can view only those schemes for which a fee is payable, all schemes both free and subscribeable, schemes in a specific area of interest. You can view schemes only form a nominated year or all schemes in all years... 0
Information Basic information about the QA scheme you are viewing.
802 Basic information about the QA scheme you are viewing. 0
Scheme Structure Basic information about the structure of the scheme you are viewing.
803 Basic information about the structure of the scheme you are viewing. This includes the the scheme title, fee requriements, the number of QAP and non QAP Questions. 0
Scheme Description A brief description of the scheme and the QAP question.
804 This option provides a detailed description of the scheme and the QAP question underpinning the scheme. 0
Installments Monthly Assessment Tasks
990 Select Installments to view the list of monthly QA Assessment Tasks for the selected scheme. This option is scheme dependent. 0
Outstanding Questions Redirects the browser to the list of outstanding questions for the current year
991 This option is a standard option in the top menu. It redirects the browser to a list of current questions for the current year. 0
My Reports Individual Reporting Option
992 This menu option on the installments page directs the browser to the Individual Reporting option for the selected scheme. The option is scheme dependent and presents the browser with the list of question that have been answered for the selected scheme. USe this option for individual reporting. 0
Group Reports Select to review the QAP groups results
993 Select this option to review the summary of the QAP group for the selected scheme. This option is scheme dependent and presents the mean of the QAP group against all professional participants. No individual information is presented- only the group mean. This provides some background information on how the clinic is performing as a whole. 0
Certificate Displays a certifiate to each scheme
994 Select this option to print a certificate of enrolment and participation for the selected scheme. This option is dynamic and scheme dependent. 0
YTD Summary Menu Option to display a YTD summary
995 Select this option to dispaly a Yar to date (YTD) summary of the browsers performance for all scheme presented as a summary of replies of the key question - as # above and # below teh group professional mean. This summary may be replaced in future versions with a more precise summary. It is not scheme dependent. 0
Withdraw Allows the browser to withdraw from an enrollment
996 IF a participant has enrolled in a scheme in error AND HAS NOT answered any questions, then this option allows the browser to withdraw from the scheme. 0
QAP Quiz Options QAP Quiz Option Menu Panel.
764 The Quiz Options menu is presented when you have selected an installment to either resond to the QA tasks or wish to review your activity. These options allow you to view the image, video or text, view the QA tasks or questions and to view your answers. Other options include adding a comment to the installment, to alter the format of some processes such as the vidoe format and to select other installments. Selecting always returns you to the quiz menu and the image. 0
Image Display Image
772 Select IMAGE to display the image without the questions ( aside from the drop down menu. 0
Questions List of questions
774 Selecting QUESTIONS displayed the list of questions withour the image which can occupy all the screen display. The list of questions also highlights those questions your have already replied to, your answer and how many other subscribers have selected the same option. IF the question contains a correct/incorrect reply, your answer will also be marked as correct (red tick) or incorrect (red cross). 0
Image + Questions Select to view the Image and questions on the same page.
997 Select to view the Image and questions on the same page. Since some images occupy most of the screen for standard monitors, this option requires some scrolling. This allows browsers options for screen displays. 0
Submit replies. (New) Submit replies. (New)
998 Thos menu option on the Quiz Panel allows the participant to view and reply to all or most of the questions on the one page. The image can be selected at various degres of magnification. Care is required as there can be no error checking for multiple choice questions such as which embryo would be selected first. 0
Answers Quiz Menu Option- Answers
999 Select this option from the quiz menu to review the questions and your replies. If you have selected page speed as SLOW, then your reply and a summary of other answers is provided but this takes a tad more seconds. IF the page speed is set at FAST, then only your reply is provided. This option is virtualy the same as Questions. 0
Add Comment Quiz menu Option - Add Comment
1000 This option allows the participant to make a comment on the image and list of questions. 0
Review Comments Quiz Menu Option- Review Comments
1001 This option allows the participant to review comments made on the installments image and questions. 0
Assessment Rules Quiz Menu option - Assessment Rules
1002 The option is only of interest to clnics that may wish to provide some rules for assessment of images. For instance, a QAP group supervisor may wish to instruct the clinics staff to intrepert the image in a specific manner. This is clinic and Quiz dependent. 0
Navigation Quiz Menu Option - Navigation.
1003 Ths quiz menu option is important if you wish to change the video format. QAPonline provides in most cases, video images as avi, mpg an mov formats for the same image to accommodate different operating systems (Windows and Apple). Selecting Navigation allows the participant to modify the video preferences to suit the computer they are working from. 0
Installments Quiz Menu Option - Installments
1004 This option is the same as for the scheme page and allows the participant to return to the list of installments for the scheme under study. 0
QAP Reply Menu Reply Menu Option - Introduction
765 Reply Menu Option - The Reply menu provides various options to allwo you to explore your reply to a specific question for a specific quiz. 0
Image Reply Menu Option-Image
1005 Reply Menu Option - This allows to participant to review the image for the reply and data summary. 0
Summary Reply Menu Option-Summary
1006 Reply Menu Option - Summary allows the participant to return to the summary for the selected reply. 0
Data Filter Reply Menu Option-Data Filter
1007 Reply Menu Option- Data filter option allows the participant to select an alternative data set to review their reply. Tyypically, the option is between the professional data set [External QA]and the clinic only data set [Internal QC] 0
Advanced Stats Reply Menu Option- Advanced Stats
1008 Reply Menu Option - Advanced Statistics option allwos the participant to view the data as a table and as a histogram. The histogram can be seen as the complete data set or filtered to remove outliers (2SD) 0
Performance Report Reply Menu Option - Performance Report
1009 Reply Menu Option - Performance Report optin allows the participant to see a summary of their performance for the question under review. Numeric data is presented as SD unist from the mean for each reply to the question and multiple choice questions are presented as % of similar replies to your answer. 0
See Data Reply Menu Option - See Data
1010 Reply Menu Option - See Data option opens a new window and presents a table of all replies for the quiz. This allows participants to capture the data and load it into an Excel spreadsheet for further processing. 0
Recalculate Mean Reply Menu Option - Recalculate mean
1011 Reply Menu Option - Recalculate Mean option allows the brower to recalculate the quiz statistics. Since the sumamry information is stored in a separate table and updated nightly, the reply recently submitted may not have contributed to the population statistics. This option updates these data. 0
Request Review Reply Menu Option - Request Review
1012 Reply Menu Option - Request Review option is possibly the mosty important option to be aware of. Once a participant has submitted a reply, they are able to see the replies of others. This is what QAPonline is all about. However, the browsers cannot change their reply if they have made an error. If the error is a genuine mistake, this optin allows you to request the administrator to consider an alteration. It usually requies your supervisor to approve the change. 0
QAP Associations QAP Associations menu panel.
766 0
QAP Associations QAP Associations menu panel.
767 0
QAP Associations QAP Associations menu panel.
768 0
QAP Associations QAP Associations menu panel.
769 0
New Record
493 ::Information about this question has yet to be added to the HelpTable 0
New Record
484 ::Information about this question has yet to be added to the HelpTable 0
New Record
502 ::Information about this question has yet to be added to the HelpTable 0
New Record
503 ::Information about this question has yet to be added to the HelpTable 0
New Record
504 ::Information about this question has yet to be added to the HelpTable 0
New Record
506 ::Information about this question has yet to be added to the HelpTable 0
New Record
507 ::Information about this question has yet to be added to the HelpTable 0
New Record
464 ::Information about this question has yet to be added to the HelpTable 0
New Record
479 ::Information about this question has yet to be added to the HelpTable 0
22 The scheme you are viewing contains all the questions for this installment. The image may be selected to appear in a separate window to assist in movement between the pages. If you select a question to reply to from the drop down menu, only those questions which do NOT have a reply will appear each time the page is redisplayed (NOTE if you use the back arrow, you will need to refresh the page). When you select and reply to a question, the next available question will appear to respond to. When all the questions have been responded to, an option to add or view any comments to the image or related questions will become available. Please ad you comments and thoughts to the page as this is one of the great interactive aspects of the site.
Primary Help Page
485 This is the primary help page for QAP-online. There are several Help options including the links listed below. The online Help Option [see Help below] contains information on individual pages within QAP-online , background information on the questions asked within the assessments and summaries of About QAP online. The online Help is under development and currently is incomplete. The Help button on the top menu is (or will be over time) page sensitive. If you select this or the exclamation button that appears in some pages, the Help text for that page is available in a new window. Please close the window when finished. 0
Education Module
496 Welcome to Education online home page. This module of QAP-online is under development so comments and suggestions are welcome. The education modules have been rewritten in 2004 to provide a better framework to expand and develop. The education concepts embrass education, surveys and training in a broad and diverse manner. It may be several years before all the modules planned have been implemented. If you wish to be invovled in any area, please contact FertAid. Select the Education Series Option to review the schemes currently available. They are grouped into general disciplines within under the 3 basic concepts. You may identify a scheme on interest and enrol directly. All the schemes essentially operate under the QAPonline scheme management system. If this is the first time you have entered QAPonline, you will be provided with a logon code and password on registering. Please store this information as you will need this to return to QAP-online each month. If you need assistance, please contact education@fertaid.com May I extend a warm welcome to this new initiative. 0
514 The concept for QAP-online Education is that within the work place for many clinic or laboratory staff the should be opportunities for professional development. These could include access to journals, journal presentations, visiting professionals, attendance at scientific meetings, visiting other clinics etc. The unfortunate reality is that while access to journals is most likely common, many staff do not engage in any further education processes.This could be due to work load, limited opportunities, isolation or a clinics indifference to education. In terms of quality assurance, ongoing education is as critical as any other laboratory ckecklist. Some professioanl societies do operate various forms of ongoing education. These should be applauded. Unfortunately, if you are not a member of the society, such opportunities are lost. QAP-online, in establishing an Internet based quality assurance capability believes that a form of ongoing education should be available and could be delivered to any participant in any country. It is open to any member of the reproductive environment. 0
25 Each scheme has a series of monthly installments or Units usually 1-4 per month. Each Installment contains an image, video or text together with a series of questions.
26 The screen will display a series of options about a question
32 QAP-online is not affiliated with any one professional society. Since QAP-online vision is to provide QAP schemes in a variety of related disciplines, it hopes to support a range of societies. For instance, there are a large number of andrology societies in many countries. QAP-online would like to be able to acknowledge and support in a limited manner each of these and other societies. To achieve this, each subscriber when enrolling in a scheme may nominate a society they would like to support. If the scheme requires subscription, a small part of the subscription payment will be donated to that society. If a society would like to actively develop a scheme of interest to them, QAP-online would be keen to assist further.
34 The data displayed has been calculated for all entries with a valid subscriber record and according to the filter selected [Subscribers with the same Clinic code, Subscriber who indicated on enrollment that they were actively engaged in the subject of the scheme (e.g. Andrology) or were relatively inexperienced]. The mean and standard deviation for each installment was calculated. Your entry is displayed as standard deviation unit from the mean. At present no further data analysis is performed. When replies for more than 10 installments have been received, Westgard rule summaries will be available [Scheme in previous years will be combined]
Primary QAP Question
453 The Primary Question key is the key question in a discipline. While each area may have many questions, there is only 1 primary question. Currently, the PQ is always numeric because it is used to define the performance of each subscriber. The primary description of performance is the standard deviations from the mean value. A reply by a subscriber can be displayed in relation to other staff members in the laboratory, other subscribers who are actively working in the field or all subscribers including students.
New Record
510 Do you test referrals for tertiary assessments if not tested previously. ::Information about this question has yet to be added to the HelpTable 0
Introduction Introduction to Staff Competencies
1035 Staff Competencies is the final stage of QAPonline-QA Schemes. After providing the tools to assess each staff members assessment skills for the QC schemes found within QAPonline, what you, as supervisor, needs to be able to do is to review each staff members performance and code if they are competent to preform the tasks. 0
Staff Competency Create and Manage Annual Competency Tables
1036 The tools within staff competency allow you to create a list of competency tools for each eara of your laboratory or responsibility. You can add or remove criteria for competency in any discipline within the company. 0
Staff Lists Manage All Staff within Company - not just QA Participants.
1037 As long as a staff member is a member of the Qagroup, you may allocate competency definitions to them. They do not need to be participants in the QA schemes. Indeed, you do not need to have enrolled in any schemes. 0
Instructions Set up the competency rules then apply to each staff
1038 To use QAPonline Competency, first create the departments, then create the competency criteria and rules, then select STAFF and allocate the areas of skill for each staff member. When completed, you can then create an annual competency list and then finally you can define the competency for each staff member for each skill. 0
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