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During 2023, Fertaid and IVFCPD will be merged.
Current Fees
Information on fees and how to subscribe
QAPonline is virtually a subscription based online Quality Assurance Program for the Reproductive and related medical sciences. These page provide some information on the fee structure and the process for subscription.
Accounts Table
Subscription Description $AUD $USD Euro
Scheme -Single Entitles a Clinic to enrol any/all staff in a single EQA Scheme. 250 200 200
Discipline Fee Entitles a clinic to register any clinic staff in any laboratory to any scheme available in a specific discipline(e.g. Andrology) in a calendar year. 1200 750 750
Global EQA Entitles a clinic to register any clinic staff to any scheme in any laboratory in a calendar year in the disciplines Andrology, Embryology, Ultrasound, Limited (see list-some restrictions). 2400 1000 1000
IVFCPD group subscription Clinic subscription to IVFCPD linked to QAPonline Subscription. 750 400 400
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