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Welcome to FertAid QAPonline
  Welcome to Fertaid's QAPOnline - here are the key points.  
  QAPonline was the first online competency program for Andrology and embryology Scientists  
  It has operated continuously since its conception in 2002.  
  Its aim is to allow scientists to improve their interpretive skills in describing gamete and embryo quality.  
  It delivers a series of schemes targeting specific attributes for assessment eg sperm morphology or blastocysts  
  Delivery is month and sufficient to provide reasonable assessments of individual skills  
  Access is dynamic with no monthly limits so staff can complete current or previous tasks at any time or place. All interactions are online.  
  Enrollment in each scheme can be at either professional or training level allowing the QAPonline to be used both as a proficiency or as a training activity at the same time.  
  Each assessment is immediately compared to all other current submissions providing same time feedback.  
  The performance is described as variations from the mean over an extended time period.  
  Some staff may have supervisor rights to allow them to access a comprehensive range of reporting options.  
  The performance of each staff member can be groups to a laboratory or clinic wide activity report for accreditation reviews or individual staff performance.  
  Even though we live in a time of time-lapse visualizations and AI embryo selection, the reed for certification of visual interpretation remains.  
  Simply put, QAPonline allows senior staff to have confidence in the skills of their laboratory staff and clients confidence that the all staff will assess and determine the same fate for each gamete and embryo in their care.  
  QAPonline is international and independent of associations with societies or other bodies. Anyone can access QAPonline from anywhere at anytime. There are no time limitations.  
  Subscription is at a company level and the supervisor can dynamically select schemes to access and enroll staff in ay scheme at any level at any time.  
  Access to previous yeasr schemes are always an option giving supevisors complete control over what EQA they require their staff to perform.  
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