What is a Key Performance Indicator or KPI ?  
Review the current public KPI you can elect to use OR you can create your own private Key Performance Indicators.  
IVF BenchMark provides the tools for your IVF clinic to participate in a totally anonymous benchmark program for the production of Key Performance Indicators for your IVF Program. IVFBenchmarking allows you to manage your monthly KPI and also to compare your performance with a variety of other clinics or groups.
The problem with doing this over the Internet is confidentiality. The benefits though allow your clinic to track variations in KPI with self calibrating warning and actions limits and to track changes against other clinics that your are able to create and manage.
  Some, but not all clinics, attempt to manage their Key activities internally usually with Excel and this is fine but does not allow you to make relevant, timely comparisons elsewhere. Regionalized data collection system mainly to track pregnancy outcomes provide some capacity for comparison but in reality these are ineffective. What is needed is to be able to track changes in the clinics and laboratory performance real time and with meaningful tools. IVFBenchmarking aims to help with this limitations.  
  Here is how it works. To maintain anonymity, please register your clinic with QAPonline and approve one of more staff to review Benchmark.Benchmark will behind this registration create an anonymous, random ID code for your data. All the data you enter will be coded to this unique and anonymous ID and no direct linkage to your Logon data will exist. IVF Benchmarking provides local KPI management for no cost so you can add whatever data you wish since only you will see it and it cannot be linked to any clinic. This service is FREE to all users. Anonymity overcomes the problem of confidentiality but leads to uncertainty when comparing with others.  
  To resolve the issue of uncertainty of comparison members, IVF Benchmarking does provide local KPI management for no cost BUT to compare performance to other clinics requires each participant to certify each data set as valid AND to pay a registration fee to discourage fraudulent participants. This will allow comparisons to all other participants and those in your own country.  
  However, if you remain skeptical about data integrity, IVFBenchmarking also provides the capacity for individuals to create a unique KPI reference group where you are able to control who participates by providing the access codes for the group. For instance, one could create KPI and a special users group for say oocyte vitrification or minimal stimulation.  
. Standard Control Chart [Shewhart chart] showing benchmark mean, warning and Action limits  
. Standard Control Chart [Levi-Jennings chart] showing benchmark mean, and 1 and 2 SD limits (warning and action limits)  
. Benchmark Chart showing quarterly reference to a number of comparison groups including all participants, all within your own country, and selected defined populations.  

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- IVF Benchmarking
Allow clinics to plot key performance indicators over time. Access is Free

Many countries have an internal auditing of key activities eg pregnancies etc. However, there is no facility to benchmark a clinics activity against other clinics. The BenchMarking function in FertAid allows you to select from a list of KPI, and add monthly data.

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