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How to subscribe.
Step 1. Identify a staff member who will be the QAP Supervisor.
  Register with QAPonline
  When registered, mark as QAP Supervisor and create a record of your Company's QAP group.
Step 2. As supervisor, select Subscription and then the type of subscription you wish.
  This will create an Invoice for the subscription
Step 3. Either pay the invoice directly by credit card. This will provide immediate access to the EQA schemes in the subscription. FertAid does not collect any credit card details. You will be referred to an approved authority for payment.
  Pass the invoice to your accounts department to process. Most clinics pay by direct bank deposit. When the payment has been identified by FertAid, your subscription will be activated and access to the EQA schemes provided. Please ensure that the Invoice number is quoted on the bank transfer to ensure accurate identification. This may take several days (and another reason for credit card payment).
  Print the invoice and post payment by cheque to FertAid Pty Ltd. When received and processed, your subscription will be activated and access to the EQA schemes provided. You can include credit card payment details on the subscription form if necessary.
Renewal Renewal of your subcription each year is easily achieved online as described above.
After Payment As QAP Supervisor, you should then
  Activate the schemes that you wish to use
  Create laboratories within the QAP group
  Add individual staff to the QAP group and laboratories
  Enroll staff in the appropiate EQA schemes.
  All this is managed online
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