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About the Author.

I have been involved in IVF since 1982 after completing my PhD on Mouse IVF under Pat Quinn. I helped John Yovich establish PIVET IVF in Perth, Western Australia between 1982 and 1984. I moved back to Newcastle in 1984 and established Lingard Fertility Center with Dr Leon Clark and Dr Max Brinsmead.

I took a year off to write QAPonline in 2002 and more recently have established Hunter IVF in conjunction with Monash IVF. I am also working on a consultancy basis with PIVET IVF again.

Our clinic has been received ISO 9000 accreditation in 2003 and 2004 as well as full RTAC clinic accreditation.

I have been actively involved in laboratory accreditation using 17025 standards as a NATA inspector and passionately believe all staff should be actively involved in quality activities as a vehicle for individual and company professional development.


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