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During early 2019, Fertaid will be upgrading elements of QAPonline.
FertAid's IVF eLearning Modules. - helping you stay in touch!
Subscription Costs for IVF e-learning.
Individual Credit Unit costs
Fertaid Credit Units allow you to access the range of e-learning modules just by enrolling in whatever module interests you - as long as you have the credit units available. If not purchase some more. Note that the system allows Fertaid to significantly discount the cost of each unit when you purchase in bulk.
$25 for 1 Credit units  
$50 for 5 Credit units  
$100 for 10 Credit units  
$250 for 100 Credit units  
Company/Clinic Subscription Credit Unit costs
Fertaid Credit Units also allows your staff to access the range of e-learning modules via a clinic wide subscription. This can either by a specific eLearning subscription (see Group Education below) or as an free inclusion in one of QAPonline EQA subscription modules. In this case, a number of free credits are allocated to each staff member when they log on and can be used on any of the IVFeLearning modules up to the limit of the clinic credits. As Supervisor, you can purchase additional clinic subscriptions at any time. Additional credits can be purchases individually.
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Free Credit Units provided with Subscription fertAid's EQA/QAPonline Programme.
To support and provide additional value to your clinic subscribing to one or more of FertAid's EQA/QAPonline external proficiency programmes, FertAid provides a number of free Credits to each staff member when your clinic participates in an EQA programme. This is designed to allow your staff access to educational material to support their EQA activities.
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  Contributor to IVFCPD receives 20 free credits for all staff!
  As a way to say thank you for contributing to IVFCPD, FertAid is pleased to provide your staff with 20 free credits so they to can use IVF eLearning tools at no cost. If you have published a paper or given a presentation, your topic will be of interest to others. Contact FertAid about reworking your paper or presentation to fit into IVFCPD format. You not only disseminate your information to others but also provide another free vehicle for your staff to develop their continuous professional development.
How do you use the Credit Units?
Section Description
Individual QAPonline. You can access and complete one or more of FertAid's EQA module as an independent participant (without contributing to the schemes professional statistics. You can complete these as a training exercise prior to employment or prior to starting in a new section of your clinic
IVFCPD - The CPD modules are based upon the standard format for online professional development and education - information and questions. Completion earns 5 CPD points from APACE.
IVF Training - A growing list of question and answers with links to test your knowledge of a wide range of topics. - More fun than anything else.
IVFChallenge - A compilation of questions from IVF Training packaged into a challenge of 50-100 random questions. The primary aim for IVF Challenge is as a pre-employment assessment of applicants general knowledge about IVF.
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