The following links are to presentation presented by involving QAPonline or on Laboraory accreditation that may be of interest to you.

FertAid Presentations on Gamete/embryo Assessment.
"Gamete Assessment and Quality Perspectives." J Stanger, Vitrolife Workshop Adelaide 2007
Presentation from QAPonline.
"Sperm Morphology Audit - Assessment of Individual Spermatozoa Reveals Worrying Skill Level" J Stanger - FSA Hobart 2007
Embryo Fragmentation - Alpha Meeting Lucerne 2006
Embryo grading - Alpha Meeting, Krems,2005.
Embryo Assessment-FSA Adelaide, 2004.
Accreditation and Standards
"Assessing Embryos" - ESHRE 2007 R Janssens Belgium
Laboratory Accreditation - Peter Kastrop-ESHRE 2008 Barcelona.
Tutorial - QAPonline Getting Started
Tutorial - Ultrasound training.
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