WELCOME TO FERTAID - where Quality Matters
FertAid understands that many (most) IVF Clinics are busy and isolated. Increasingly, they are asked to meet rising accreditation standards and a more educated and demanding clients.
The staff in IVF Clinics, medical professionals, nursing and coordinators, scientists, counsellors and administrative are always occupied and have limited opportunities to meet with other IVF professionals - mainly at conferences or regional meetings.
Finally, IVF Clinics need to increase their success rate, minimise adverse outcomes and stay in touch with new trends and information.
  The key is both in quality management and in education and training. It was true in 1978 and remains true today. To help you meet some of these demands, FERTAID as developed several tools to help your clinics performance and education.  
FERTAID has developed THREE strands to assist your clinic professional development and knowledge.
QAPonline - Quality Assurance and Competency in Andrology, Embryology and Ultrasound.
IVF eLearning - a collection of education and training tools for all IVF Staff-
IVF TOOLS - a collections of online tools
QAPonline - an integrated and innovative approach to quality assurance for visual skills for embryology, andrology and ultrasound
IVF e-learning  
IVFDaily - a weekly summary of news and recent publications and occasional reviews
IVFCPD - a new and developing way to encourage staff education through a Continuous Professional Development program designed for all IVF Clinic staff.
  IVFINTERACT - a web site where one can post enquires or discussions. IVFmail uses it to make comments on the mail postings.  
  IVF TRAINING - a growing number of modules containing questions for education - Q&A format for testing staffs knowledge. Can be sued by companies to induction training and ongoing professional development.  
IVF BenchMark - a tool allowing laboratories to confidentially and anonymously compare Key Performance Indicators [KPI]
  IVF LogBook IVF logBook - Log your staffs quarterly activity for competency and accreditation.  
IVFLabonline - allows IVF Staff to be aware of current and new products that may be of interest.
One simple registration creates a Clinic (QAP) group, allows one staff member to act as the Clinic Supervisor who can register and enroll staff in quality assurance and education modules, review performance and oversea the quality programme.
One simple subscription provides access to all EQA and education.
FertAid Policy Manual. FertAid has been developed to confirm to the ISO/IEC 17043 standard. FertAid is recognized Provider of external quality assurance in the reproductive sciences by NATA [Australia].  
How to start using QAPonline  


Welcome to FertAid - where quality Matters

Quality and Education Tools for Reproductive Scientists

"As far as practicable, all staff involved in testing patient's samples must participate in the QAP with records kept." [NATA Supplementary requirements for accreditation]

More on Proficiency testing and External Quality Assurance

FertAid is a web site written for professionals working in the Reproductive Sciences.
Proficiency Close
Individual Proficiency Assessment in Andrology, Embryology and Ultrasound.
External Quality Assurance Close
External Quality Assurance program in Andrology, Embryology and Ultrasound based on individual participation.
IVF Daily Newsletter Close
A weekly mail of links to recent new articles or scientific publications in the reproductive sciences is designed to be read daily.
IVFClinic Mail/Blog More
Linked to IVFDaily, the IVFClinic Blog is an interactive forum.
Ongoing Education More
There is now a growing list of CPD modules designed for all IVF practitioners esp nurses and scientific. Visit
- IVF Benchmarking More
Allow clinics to plot key performance indicators over time. Access is Free
- Accreditation tools More
The primary tools currently available is a product - suppliers management functions.
IVFLabOnline More
One issue for clinics to know about new products or suppliers.
Fertaid has a number of surveys you can complete
FertAid has creaed a number of surveys that explore current practices in IVF. You can do this either registered for directly without registering.
CPD Logbook
Universal CPD Logbook for Nurses, Scientists, counsellors, ultrasonographers and medical practitioners.
FertAid/IVFCPD universal professional education logbook.
Other Features More
FertAid has a number of other features that may interest you
Trading Post
Part of IVFLabonline, this feature allows clinics to buy or sell used equipment
Trading Post provides a vechile where IVF Clinic staff may enquire or list second hand equpment for sale,etc. It also allows companies to provide promotional notices.
FertAid Consultancy
With more than30 years experience, FertAid may be able to help your clinic.
With accreditation, manuals, risk management, KPI,reporting, data analysis and much more, FertAid may be able to help your clinic improve its performance.
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