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During 2023, Fertaid and IVFCPD will be merged.
Welcome to FertAid MAIL and Digest. a free portal for professionals involved in IVF and Infertility Management to recent news and journals that may be of interest.
Essentially, the mail list is a compilation of items that may be of interest to ART scientist and is presented to encourage active interest in many aspects of their profession. While the news items are intended to inform on issues around ART, the journal and Reference list is intended to educate. It seems many scientists do not actively read widely in scientific journals and these links are intended to point them to articles that may enthuse and arouse their interest.
Uniquely, if you register and view the list after logging on, each view will be logged against your ID and may be used as a demonstration of your interest for accreditation purposes.
A lists of recent postings are sent out by weekly email. You can register and subscribe to the weekly mailouts which are free.
If you are a producer or supplier, I welcome your interest and encourage you to submit links to web pages to may inform scientist of your products.
If you are interested in assisting in the posting of links to FertAid mail please contact me at office@fertaid.com
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