FertAid provides a free, anonymous and dynamic survey tool for the IVF and Reproductive Medicine without promotional material.
IVFSurveys aims to create an environment where critical informtion on aspects of IVF protocol and procedures may be collected in an anonymous manner. IVFSurveys collects information on your IP address and from this estimates your country of origin. You may elect to submit replies via a defined portal but this will contain pages with promotional material.
Unlike other surveys where the results are presented at a later date (or never at all), IVFSurveys allows each participant to dynamically view the current distrubtions of replies. Some of the material may be used for presentation at society meetings or possibly publication but this should not be a deterient to the gaining of informtion about how IVF is practised.
Some surveys have been created by James Stanger from FertAid out of a general interest in the subject, others have arisen from debates on blogs or mailgroups. While such discussions are immensly valuable, one never really knows how widespread opinions and views are. Others were developed following requests from scientists keen to know how others practise IVF. IVF Surveys is happy to list a survey from any one in the IVF industry be it practitioner or business or social groups. Just contact FertAid at office@fertaid.com
You can review the current results by selecting the survey and then the results link. You do not have to contribute but what's the point of just looking when you can add the the dataset! Comments can be added to the bottom of many surveys and these comments provide key points for future surveys.
IVFSurveys has developed an annual census for IVF Activity that all clinics worldwide are encouraged to complete. The most recent census is for 2013 and seeks to define the current state of activity in clinics. Such information is important to clincial directors and scientists, providing details of where to allocate future resources and for training institutions on what to teach the future generation of embryologists, etc. So don't just read this and move on, select SURVEYS and contribute. New surveys and summaries will be posted on IVFDaily weekly newsletter and on mainstream mailgroups. Most surveys remain open for some time so feel free to contribute to older surveys.
Dr James Stanger PhD. FertAid.
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