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Pregnancy Predictor. - Models to predict the probability of at least ONE live birth. - DRAFT MODELLING ONLY -NOT FOR PATIENT USE
Eggs Collected
total number of eggs collected
Normal Embryos
The total number of NORMAL embryos.
Number of embryos frozen
Number of thaws
0.00%- this is the probability of having AT LEAST ONE Live births (but you may have more than 1).
PLease Note, the above calculation is intended as a guide only and is not intended as medical advice. Each IVF Clinic will manage their patients differently and the models employed above may differ from those generate from your clinics own data.
The model uses information collected from the original egg recovery and from subsequent frozen embryos transfers. The chance of pregnancy is calculated from data where the outcomes of both the fresh and any subsequent frozen embryo transfers are combined and included in you overall chance of having a baby. This is what may be called the CUMULATIVE PREGNANCY RATE.
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