FertAid runs an EQA Scheme that tests a scientists skill at ranking oocytes and Embryos.  
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  The module shows a number of oocytes or embryos (ranging from day 1 to day5) and asks the participant to rank them in order of quality (where the best is for transfer). When all oocytes or embryos have been ranked, FertAid then computes a ranking based upon the current submissions. Each gamete/embryo is ranked in order of popularity and each participant submission is compared to these global rankings. If there is agreement, the participant gets a score equal to the current embryo ranking.  
    For instance, if you think the best embryo coincides with the most popular "best" embryo, you get 10 points. If the embryo you ranked as number 5 agrees with the consensus for 5th best embryo, you get 5 points. Sum each embryo score and you get FertAid's Ranking score.  
  FertAid has decided for a bit of fun and a bit of a challenge to open this module up as a light hearted competition to see who is the best embryologist in the world!!! The participant who answers all the questions and whose ranking coincidence with the most popular ranking must by any measure be pretty good!  
  To work out who is number 1, FertAid simply tallies all the scores.  
  Each module has different number of images and therefore each release may differ in the total possible score.IF you complete all the modules, you can maximize your total score.  
  Note Because the popular ranking will change dynamically as more submissions are entered, FertAid recalculates the rankings weekly so you may be up or down in the rankings as the year progresses.  
  Now, FertAid is aware that there are many ways to conduct such a competition but the aim of the exercise is to demonstrate the variability (or lack of) in embryo assessment and to encourage clinics everywhere to subscribe to this ranking module as a quality activity.  
  It is in everyone's interest, both the clinics and their clients, to aspire to ensure there is maximum agreement in the selection of embryos. Not just for selection of those for transfer,but also for cryopreservation and discarding.  
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