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FertAid Consultancy
  With nearly 30 years active experience in IVF, FertAid can help you in many ways.
  Accreditation and Quality Management
  FertAid Consultancy can assist your clinic with accreditation procedures. These include audit, competency assessment, benchmarking, surveys and risk management
  FertAid Consultancy is able to assist your clinic develop manuals and laboratory procedures and protocols
  Laboratory Design and Installation
  After designing and installing 4 IVF Laboratories, FertAid can provide advice and support on the design (or redesign) of your Andrology and Embryology Laboratories.
  Training and Competency Assessment
  One of FertAid Consultancy strengths is training and competency assessment.
  Performance and Improvement
  Evaluation and improvement in clinical results.
  Clinical Embryology Support
  FertAid Consultancy, after 30 years of patient interaction, can provide support and advice to clinical and nursing staff
  Off-site Ongoing Support.
  With FertAid BenchMark program, FertAid Consultancy can provide continuous monitoring of performance and real-time support.
Pathology Andrology Departments.
  With QAPonline, FertAid can provide training and competency assessments for your medical technology staff to move towards accreditation for WHO 4th and 5th standards.
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