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Company Access
IVFLabOnline - Managing Advertising....
IVFLabOnline is an initiative of FertAid Pty Ltd. It aims to provide a direct link between scientists and producers, suppliers or distributors - something that has bee missing for a long time.
IVFLabonline delivers several ways to promote your business and products, to bring the scientists attention new or improved products. If you are a supplier, IVFLab online provides a vehicle to promote new product ranges or specials.
Free Services of IVFLabOnline.
You can list your company and contact details and list as many web links to your products as you like for FREE. When you register, you will receive a logon and password to allow you some control over content and links.
In some cases, basic company contact details have been added by FertAid from trade display information or from information in the public domain. If your companies contact details are no listed, please add them at no costs. If your companies details have been listed Aden you wish to modify or remove them, please contact office@fertaid.com
Promotion of your company and products.
In addition to the free listing service, IVFLabOnline can promote your products for an annual fee of AUD$550.
For this annual fee, IVFLabOnline can
1. display preferentially at the top of the courtesy advertisements for company advertisement
2 Display in a random manner, up to 5 different panel advertisements throughout QAPonline, FertAid Mail and IVFLabOnline [currently this is displaying over 500,000 ads per year].
3. preferentially inclusion in the regular FertAid Mail email postings
4. provide direct email request for company or specific product information
5. increased information of the display information [but no confidential information]
Need more information, please review how you can advertise on all the fertaid web pages and mail at ADVERTISE or contact the FertAid office at CONTACT
Advertisement dimensions.
1. Main Page advertisements are 320 x 250 pixels
2. Panel advertisements are 50 x 100 or 50 x 50 pixels
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