IVF Training

IVF Challenge - Welcome to IVF Training, a joint learning module for IVF from QUARTEC and FERTAID
IVF Training has developed a number of testing modules for self assessment, for ongoing education and professional development and for pre-employment review.
Each module contains a random number of questions from IVF Training. Some are True/False while others are multiple choice. You need to be registered with Fertaid and logged on to complete each module. Your answers are stored against your ID.
You can use IVFChallenges as a training for accreditation, as a self test for your own general knowledge or a clinic may use it as a pre-emplyment test for a new position or as a staff educational tool. Enjoy.
Many IVFCPD, IVFTraining and IVFChallenges modules require payment of prepurchase CREDIT UNITS before you can enrol in a module. The Credit Units are a common payment tool within FertAid Educational Modules.
To access these testing modules, you need to be registered with FERTAID Add a new Training Test. After you have logged on Add a new Training Test, you need to choose the IVF Training Icon and then the Testing Icon to return to this page.
List of Challenges
Challenge   Credit Units Folder   Access
May 2018 Clinic Practice [Issues dealing with accreditation, management and patient activities] 10 7 OPEN
April, 2018 Andrology [Andrology] 10 1 OPEN
March 2018 Embryology [Embryology] 10 2 OPEN
February 2018 10 OPEN
January, 2018 Embryology [Embryology] 0 2 OPEN
Andrology Challenge 001 Andrology [Andrology] 5 1 OPEN
PreEmployment Challenge 10 OPEN
Challenge Jan 2015 Andrology [Andrology] 10 1 OPEN
Challenge Dec 2014 Embryology [Embryology] 10 2 OPEN
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