IVF Training

IVF Quiz - Welcome to IVF Training, a joint learning module for IVF from QUARTEC and FERTAID
Many modules for IVFQuiz are free to all IVF Clinic staff but access to some are restricted.
The modules developed by Quartec are used to training to ESHRE certification
The modules developed by FertAid are for assistance with IVF studies, for continuous education and for clinic use in encouraging and testing for skills associated with clinical practice.
indicates free access to the section
indicates access requires registration with FertAid
indicates access requres a current clinic or individual subscription
shows the most recent sections taht have been created
lists all the chapters and the sections in each chapter
denotes a new developemnt for IVFTraining where random questions are complied into a challenge. One use of which is to provide pre-employment testing of basic and general knowledge about IVF
Access to some IVF Training questions require the use of FertAid Credit Units (1 per section). This link is to a portal wher you can purchase additional creduit units.
How could you use IVF Training?
- You may like to complete selected sections as part of an ongoing education programme in your clinic
- You may like to ask new employees to complete some sections to determine their level of knowledge
- You may like to test your self on your current awareness of IVF
- You may like to ask your staff to complete selected sections as part of an internal competency programme.
How to start
- Register with FertAid and complete the few steps to register your clinic
- Add your staff to your clinics QAP group to allow them to logon and complete some IVF training sections.
Can your contribute? Sure
- You can suggest or contribute content in any area that applies to IVF and the reproductive sciences.
- You can contact Quartec or FertAid with ideas about developing clinic specific testing tools.
- You can contact Quartec or FertAid with ideas about developing language specific testing tools.
- Just published a paper and consider the content important to IVF (who doesn't). Prepare a set of questions and answers and send to IVFtraining.
- Just published a book and wish to encourage IVF staff to read it. Ask the authors of each section of the book to contribute a list of questions and answers to direct participants to the chapter and book for information.
Reference and Referral
IVF Training provides several avenues for participants to access further information. These include
- Links to PFD documents
- Links to news or publications via the IVFDaily facilities
- Access to Amazon to purchase a book being referenced by the section.
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