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Endometrial infusion of human chorionic gonadotropin at the time of blastocyst embryo transfer does not impact clinical outcomes: a randomized double-
Endometrial infusion of hCG at the time of blastocyst ET does not improve sustained implantation rates.
99. hCG infusion prior to transfer. [Business Announcements]
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Comment: In an article by Hing, et.al. (2104), infusion of hCg just prior to embryo transfer does not influence the implantation rate.
Submission: While many clinics use progesterone to maintain endometrial receptivity, others have both in the past and now use hCG to maintain luteal function to supply progesterone. One aspect of using hCG is that it also may mimic embryo secretions. This study has explored this feature and failed to identify any beneficial effect of uterine exposure to hCG. The data suggests that embryo derived hCG appears to function only to as a stimulant of of corpus luteum
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