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No increase in autism-associated genetic events in children conceived by assisted reproduction
Conclusion(s): This is the first large genetic association to concurrently examine the genotype of individuals with ASD in relation to their exposure to ART versus natural conception, and it adds reassuring evidence to the argument that ART does not increase the risk of ASD.
97. Autism-associated genetic events in children conceived by assisted reproduction [Business Announcements]
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Comment: Over the past five years, several studies have focused on infertility treatment, partly because of the coincidental rise in both the diagnosis of autism and the use of assisted reproduction. A recent
Submission: An interesting article looking at the risks of autism in ART conceived children used DNA copy number and mutation data from reference and ART chidlren. They found no difference in the incidence of autism related DNA in ART children compared to reference information. If such analysis does indeed translate to childhood outcomes then this study provides a prima facie case that IVF does not increase the risk of autism. It means not having to wait a number of years and complete a difficult study programme to prove there is no increased risk for autism following ART treatment. It does not mean such studies do not need to be done but IVF clinics may proceed without real concern about it.
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