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Do children make you happier? Sustained child-wish and mental health in women 1117 years after fertility treatment
Sustaining a child-wish is a more important risk for long-term adjustment problems than parenthood status. Women adjust better when they start treatment at older ages and know they were not responsible for the cause of the fertility problem. Fertility staff can play an important role in preparing patients for the possibility of treatment failure and the associated grief process. They can also inform patients about the positive effect of refocusin
96. Sustained child-wish and mental health in women 1117 years after fertility treatment [Forum/Discussion]
from: Administrator (office@fertaid.com), Australia on 15/09/2014 4:12:32 AM Profession:
Comment: A number of women are at greater risk of mental health issues after unsuccessful IVF than others. But who and what is the role of an IVF clinic in managing this.
Submission: What responsibility does each IVF clinic have in assisting couple who fail to conceive after fertility Treatment. This interesting and important paper by Gameiro, et.al in Hum.Reprod provides some answers as to who may be at the greater risk on mental illness over continued need to be a parent. Couples with male related or unexplained infertility as are older women are at lesser risk than those younger women with primary infertility (no children) and female related conditions. Knowing this, surely clinics with a good counselling program may consider making contact with such couples every few years with advice, support areas or counselling. One problem is that most couples continue to move and will be lost to the clinic and another may be that maintaining contact stops the couple from moving on. Perhaps knowing those clients at greater risk may provide a clinic with more focused exit tools and programmes than before.
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