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Kisspeptin-54 triggers egg maturation in women undergoing in vitro fertilization
This study demonstrates that a single injection of kisspeptin-54 can induce egg maturation in women with subfertility undergoing in vitro fertilization therapy. Subsequent fertilization of eggs matured following kisspeptin-54 administration and transfer of resulting embryos can lead to successful human pregnancy.
93. Kisspeptin-54 triggers egg maturation in women undergoing in vitro fertilization [Business Announcements]
from: Administrator (office@fertaid.com), Australia on 20/07/2014 5:09:03 AM Profession:
Comment: A single injection of Kisspeptin-54 is able to induce ovulation in Antagonist managed IVF cycles producing mature oocytes, fertilisation, and pregnancy minimising the risk of OHSS.
Submission: Kisspeptin is the neurological controller of GnRH secretion that has been implicated in control of female reproduction endocrinology apparently being released in different part of the hypothalmus some controlling FSH and other controlling LH release at ovulation. This study used antagonist based COH in a number of IVF clients ceasing the antagonist 24 hours before ovulation induction and using a bolus injection of Kisspeptin-54 to induce a natural LH rise. It seems the degree of ovulation induction was dose dependent and at certain levels was able to trigger oocyte maturation, normal egg recovery, ICSI fertilisation, embryo development and pregnancy. The key is that the Kisspeptin injection used the normal hypothalamic/pituitary axis to induce a 'normal' LH surge but no lingering stimulation often associated with hCG. This means that the risk of OHSS may be significantly reduced. Unlike other alternative triggers for at risk clients such as agonists, Kisspeptin triggers from a higher control level allowing all the pituitary processes to operate normally. The authors expressed caution about many other aspects of IVF including imprinting risks but these will most likely be quickly dismissed to the standard IVF background risk with more cases. An interesting study. Kisspeptin-54 was synthetically manufactured and like all new drugs, time will reveal its safety and efficacy.
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