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Egg donors cash in on IVF baby boom
With no steady source of income, 24-year-old Protima Santra (name changed) finds it difficult to make ends meet. But she has just been able to re-lay the tiles of her leaking roof and send her children for tuition, thanks to the handsome Rs 25,000 that she has recently made. However, she cannot spend the money too lavishly because it has to last the family at least three months after which she will head for the fertility clinic where she had dona
92. Egg donors cash in on IVF baby boom [Business Announcements]
from: Administrator (office@fertaid.com), Australia on 19/07/2014 11:52:28 PM Profession:
Comment: Oh what a interesting world.
Submission: In most western countries where IVF first developed, donation was seen to be altruistic and transparent and non-commercial. But look what's happens in India. There is no comment on whether the Indian egg donation scheme is good or bad but different to Australia or most of Western Europe and the UK. There, donors must donate for only pocket money to pay for "costs" and must be on a register for the children to contact in 20+years and be limited to the number of families able to be created from their total donation. In India, egg donors are paid enough to re-tile one floor, be recruited by agents and sub-agents. It is unclear if the donation is traceable but this is unlikely leading to generations of children unable to track down their biological mother. It would not be surprising if a donor donated to more than one clinic as happened with sperm donation many years ago in Australia. The report indicates hormones are given to recovery ~ 15 eggs, a number that must put some at risk of OHSS even if there is no transfer. The crazy thing is that an Australian (or from elsewhere) can have egg donation in India and return to Australia pregnant and no-one knows (or cares). Seems to make the local rules redundant. Far better to make donation more flexable at home and allow the recipient to choose between an altruistic or a paid donor.
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