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First data on in vitro fertilization and blastocyst formation after intraovarian injection of calcium gluconate-activated autologous platelet rich pla
While autologous PRP has been successfully applied therapeutically to various tissues to accelerate healing and wound repair, this is the first description of direct injection of activated PRP into the human ovary of poor prognosis IVF patients. Evidence of improved ovarian function was noted in all who received intraovarian PRP, possibly as early as two months after treatment.
218. Can injection of activated platelet rich plasma [PRP] improve IVF in older women ? [Forum/Discussion]
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Comment: The injection into the ovaries of women with impaired follicle recruitment with autologous activated platelet-rich plasma appears to improve follicle recruitment, recovery and embryology.
Submission: In a first report by an American clinic, four women, who previously had at least one cancelled cycle due to poor follicle recruitment, had blood collected and a platelet-rich sub-fraction harvested [PRP]. The platelets in this fraction were activated using calcium gluconate and the suspension then returned to the ovaries using a reverse oocyte collection aspiration needle. The suspension was injected into the central body of each ovary with residual injection into the cortical region.// AMH and FSH were monitored as an indication of follicle development over a period of between 59 and 110 days. FSH fell significantly while AMH concentrations rose in a variable manner.// After IVF stimulation and collection, all four clients had 4 or more oocytes recovered, all had blastocysts that were either vitrified (embryo banking) or transferred (x1, pregnant).//The authors explored whether the PRP which contains various angiogenic and cell proliferation growth factors have rescued or connected to growing follicles or whether it encouraged new oocytes (either primoidal or from stem cells) to grow. Regardless, growing follicles do need a healthy vasculature (as another article in this mailout argues).// All clinics are faced with a never ending number of older women and/or those with ovarian failure. Other treatments that include growth hormone or androgen protocols also work to varying degrees. PRP may provide a new and insightful alternative or co-treatment for such clients that is relatively passive and may just, in some cases, provide the additional viable oocytes needed to produce a healthy blastocyst. After all, it only needs one good embryo for pregnancy and one pregnancy changes a clients forever. As the authors note, this concept needs further studies and validation leading to clinical trials but as a number of individual case reports, it seems a interesting first study.//
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