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Obesity or Overweight, a Chronic Inflammatory Status in Male Reproductive System, Leads to Mice and Human Subfertility [Mouse & human]
For overweight and obese male patients, the increased levels of TNF-α: and IL-6 were also observed in their seminal plasma. Furthermore, there was a positive correlation between the TNF-α: and IL-6 levels and BMI whereas they were inversely correlated with the sperm concentration and motility. In conclusion, impairment of male fertility may stem from a chronic inflammatory status in the male genital tract of obese individuals.
214. Can reduced male infertility in obese males be seen as an inflammatory response? [Forum/Discussion]
from: Administrator (office@fertaid.com), Australia on 11/03/2018 11:21:54 AM Profession:
Comment: The Chinese authors of this paper have noted increased concentrations of TNF and IL-6 in the semen of obese males and these were correlated to motility and concentration. In other words yes!
Submission: This interesting paper has looked for markers of inflammation (TNF and IL-6) in the reproductive tissue of mice and in the seminal plasma of obese males. IVFdaily is interested in the results for obese males that while there is considerable variation, they reported a significant increase in both TNF and IF-6 between normal, overweight and obese males. While there were many men who were weight challenged and had normal marker levels, there was a statistical relationship.// This raises some interesting points in relation to the perceived reduction in sperm counts over time and provides a link between a growing level of obesity and falling fertility. It would therefore not be unreasonable that such markers be tested for in clients attending for IVF and where the husband was overweight and if elevated recommend a weight reduction programme to improve sperm counts. This may lead to more spontaneous conceptions rather that using IVF to treat a mans lifestyle induced fertility.// Indeed, there is growing issue that women are having to commit to IVF to treat a male issue but this is another story.//
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