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Freeze-dried spermatozoa: An alternative biobanking option for endangered species [Sheep].
In the present study, freeze-dried ram spermatozoa induced blastocyst development following ICSI at a relatively high proportion, providing evidence that sperm lyophilization is an alternative, low cost storage option for biodiversity preservation of domestic species.
211. Can freeze-dried spermatozoa actually achieve fetilisation and embryo development. [Forum/Discussion]
from: Administrator (office@fertaid.com), Australia on 9/03/2018 10:46:50 PM Profession:
Comment: In short, with the aid of oocyte activation the answer is possibly yes.
Submission: In this Italian study using spermatozoa from an endangered Italian sheep, sperm were freeze dried and then injected into sheep oocytes. With the additional step of ionomycin induced oocyte activation fertilisation and embryo development to the blastocyst was reported.//While this work needs to be repeated in human spermatozoa (one can imagine the ethical quagmire required to do this), the concept remains that it may be possible to store spermatozoa in a dried state (without LN2) forever and still recover functionality is somewhat remarkable. I may be getting ahead of myself but this may provide a tool for generational recovery in deep space travel or for a family's preservation of one of their males reproductive tissue independent of normal semen cryopreservation. It also may be that clinics in the future may be asked to achieve fertilisation using sperm stored in this way.//
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