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Ibuprofen is deleterious for the development of first trimester human fetal ovary ex vivo
Human ovarian explants exposed to 10 and 100 μ:M ibuprofen showed reduced cell number, less proliferating cells, increased apoptosis and a dramatic loss of germ cell number, regardless of the gestational age of the fetus. Significant effects were observed after 7 days of exposure to 10 μ:M ibuprofen. At this concentration, apoptosis was observed as early as 2 days of treatment, along with a decrease in M2A-positive germ cell number. These
210. Is Ibuprofen is deleterious for the development of first trimester human fetal ovary ex vivo? [Forum/Discussion]
from: Administrator (office@fertaid.com), Australia on 2/03/2018 3:40:09 PM Profession:
Comment: A recent study from France using fetal ovarian tissue from terminations have found that Ibuprofen can cross the placenta and diminish the number of early follicles.
Submission: This French study used fetal ovarian tissue from early terminations to explore whether Ibuprofen, a COX prostoglandin inhibitor, can interfere with the developing fetal ovary. They reported that when small explant ovarian tissues were cultured in vitro and exposed to Ibuprofen at concentrations they also found in cord serum ( after the women took it prior to the termination), then there appeared to be significant reduction in the number of primordial oocytes. This was associated with increased cell death and was not reversed when the exposure was limited to a shorter period.//Ibuprofen acts as an inhibitor of prostoglandin syntheses and this is important since "COX expression is restricted to germ cell during fetal development". The authors noted that it is not known whether this may reduce the fertility of women exposed to Ibuprofen during their first trimester but their work suggest that at least the potential for harm may exist. Clinic may well enquire further if Ibuprofen is recommended during the early stages of pregnancy. Particularly so since the children derived from IVF treatment will not test their fertility for up to 40 years later, well after all clinical staff have retired.//
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