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Does freeze-all policy affect IVF outcomes in poor responders?
Conclusions: In this study, the freeze-all strategy had no impact on IVF outcomes among poor responders according to the Bologna criteria. Multi-centric study including a large number of patients should be carried out to extend the results of our study to reach conclusions about the benefits offered to poor responders.
207. Is freeze-all a better strategy for poor responders. [Forum/Discussion]
from: Administrator (office@fertaid.com), Australia on 6/01/2018 3:31:55 PM Profession:
Comment: An in-house study of 433 cycles involving poor responders did not show any difference in clincal outcomes for fresh transfers against freeze-all, FET transfers.
Submission: The decision as to whether to perform a fresh ET or freeze all followed by a FET in a subsequent cycle failed to demonstrate any advantage of cryostoring a couples embryos and transferring to them in a future cycle where the endometrium may be normalised. Given the decision to freeze all included patient choice, a thin endometrium or elevated progeseterone at trigger, the two groups were not exactly the same since many of the freeze-all patients had some clinical indicators of poor implantation.// The risk of course with any freeze all event is that perfectly good embryos may not survive or their potential may be diminished by freezing. Vitrification has however transformed cryostorage and despite its precarious process continues to demonstrate superior embryo survival. So the risk of freeze-all is less now than say 5 or more years ago. Not withstanding the superiority of vitrification/cryopreservation, this study does not suggest inadequate endometrium is an issue with poor responders (since they normally have low E2 concentrations) and that freezing all good embryos has no additional gain and in this case merely extends the time between cycles.//
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