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Maternal stress before and during pregnancy and subsequent infertility in daughters: a nationwide population-based cohort study [2016 study]
Prenatal exposure to maternal stress in the first trimester may affect the later fecundity of daughters.
206. Does Prenatal exposure to maternal stress effect a womans fertility? [Forum/Discussion]
from: Administrator (office@fertaid.com), Australia on 18/12/2017 8:57:22 AM Profession:
Comment: A recent article by Plana-Ripoll et.al. using Danish cohort data suggests the likelihood of infertility is higher in women who mother was exposed to severe first trimester stress.
Submission: In this open access article, the authors have studied the likelihood of women appearing on infertility (IVF) registers may be influenced by whether their mother suffered severe emotional stress prior to or during the first trimester of pregnancy. There was an argument that elevation of stress hormone cortisol may impact of the growing fetus resulting in some increased degree of masculinization of female reproductive development or behavior. It was suggested this may be via an increase in fetal cortisol and thereby testosterone. Some animal studies was cited to support this argument.// The source of maternal stress was deemed to be the loss of a partner, child or relation that could be verified in the Dannish registers. This impressive studied looked at confounding effects of the presence of a partner and of siblings not exposed to stress and observed the same incidence. In this study, 2% were considered to be exposed to prenatal stress but this still represented more than 13,000 women.// The point of the study was that if during early pregnancy, a significant stress event occurs, then increased support services to mitigate the impact of the bereavement may have positive effects on the daughters of these women. Furthermore, if during the initial workup for couples having fertility treatment, such prenatal stress was recognized then diagnosis and treatment may be modified. It may not necessarily be good that the reason for a couples unexplained infertility maybe due to their mothers troubles but a comment may go some way to help couples understand why they may be having trouble conceiving.//
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