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Outcomes from a university-based low-cost in vitro fertilization program providing access to care for a low-resource socioculturally diverse urban com
Conclusion(s): Use of mild stimulation protocols, simplified monitoring, and minimized laboratory handling procedures enabled access to care in a low-resource socioculturally diverse infertile population. Overall, cumulative live birth rates per retrieval including subsequent use of frozen embryos was 29.0%: 44.6% (29/65) of patients enrolled in the program achieved pregnancy.
203. Efficacy of low cost IVF treatment [Forum/Discussion]
from: Administrator (office@fertaid.com), Australia on 8/09/2017 10:59:23 AM Profession:
Comment: Mild stimulation with fewer egg numbers can lead to a very satisfactory live birth rate of 44%/collection (inc freash and frozen transfers)
Submission: This low number study using clients of good reproductive ages (~ 33 years old) using a variety of mild stimulation protocols reported a live birth rate per collections (including both fresh and frozen transfers) of 44%. Of course with many low dose protocols there was a higher than usual cancellation rate (inc premature ovulation) of 35%. This rate would be considered unacceptable in most clinics where <5% is common (there are more cancelled transfers but that is another story). The point of this article is that if one pursues a mild stimulation protocol,there are fewer oocytes and thus fewer surplus embryos to freeze therefore using a cumulative pregnancy rate where both fresh and frozen transfers are grouped and expressed per collection gives the global chance of pregnancy to clients per stimulation cycle. All the costs and risks and client involvement are associated with the fresh transfer while frozen cycles are the opposite. Using cumulative rates is the best way to balance these factors. //Also there is no risk of hyperstimulation and post collections limitation allowing clients to return to a FET cycle as soon as possible. It also allows unsuccessful clients to return for another collection cycle very quickly. There is little or no PGD nor extended culture. For many clients where IVF has become very expensive, low cost, easy to repeat cycles may seems an attraction option where they have time on their side to undertake a few attempts. Older women may not be prepared to do so.
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