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Proof of concept: preimplantation genetic screening without embryo biopsy through analysis of cell-free DNA in spent embryo culture media
Conclusion(s): We demonstrate two novel findings: the presence of free embryonic DNA in spent media and a result that is consistent with trophectoderm biopsy. Improvements in DNA collection, amplification, and testing may allow for PGS without biopsy in the future.
198. Embryonic cell-free DNA in spent embryo culture media [Forum/Discussion]
from: James Stanger (office@fertaid.com ), Australia on 2/09/2016 9:52:59 AM Profession:
Comment: Embryonic DNA can be isolated in culture medium that may be used for PGS
Submission: I thought this was a fantastic article that may well be the first in a new way to approach genetic analysis of embryos. That DNA can be detected in embryo culture media and if confirmed by other studies that this is from the embryo is fascinating. Is culture media routinely tested for DNA and if not, this paper may well suggest it should be. Embryo culture is not routinely performed as a DNA free process and how would this requirement alter how IVF is performed. A thousand questions spring to mind from this paper but as a proof-of-concept, it may be a hallmark publication. Of course time will tell if PGS without biopsy is the new PGD. Interested in any comments readers may make.
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