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Anti-Müllerian hormone serum concentrations of women with germline BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutations
BRCA1 mutation carriers had, on average, 25% (95% CI: 5%–41%, P = 0.02) lower AMH concentrations than non-carriers and were more likely to have AMH concentrations in the lowest quartile for age (OR 1.84, 95% CI: 1.11–303, P = 0.02). There was no evidence of an association between AMH concentration and BRCA2 mutation status (P = 0.94).
194. BRAC1 and Low AMH concentrations [Forum/Discussion]
from: Administrator (office@fertaid.com), Australia on 22/08/2016 11:54:27 AM Profession:
Comment: Carriers of BRAC1 mutation appear to have up to a 25% lower AMH concentration than non-carriers matched by age. BRAC2 mutation status was not related to reduced AMH levels.
Submission: While the incidence of BRAC1 is very small (<0.2%), the association between their carrier status and reduced AMH concentration should be noticed. Undoubtedly, most low AMH levels in women over 30 are an indication of reduced oocyte yield and the awareness that a few such women may also be a BRAC1 carrier could be considered a pigeon in a coal mine in so far as low AMH may lead women to IVF and low AMH may lead clinicians to force oocyte stimulation in order to maximise recovery of oocytes. Whether such actions may lead to increased risk of breast cancer is unknown and probably unlikely but given the low incidence of BRAC1 carriers, any increase will be lost in general epidemiological research. One wonders if clinics may need to be aware of a potential risk and offer BRAC1 testing to older women with low AMH before treatment. Indeed, knowing the link exists and not testing may well be a factor in any case where a women has breast cancer IVF treatment. Comments?
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