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A prospective randomized controlled trial investigating the effect of artificial shrinkage (collapse) on the implantation potential of vitrified blast
Although no significant higher implantation rate was found after collapse, the better survival and post-warm embryo quality convinced us to recognize a clinical benefit of artificial shrinkage and to implement it in routine vitrification practice.
191. Collapse of the blastocoel prior to vitrifiction (artificial shrinkage) [Forum/Discussion]
from: Administrator (office@fertaid.com), Australia on 16/09/2015 7:50:56 AM Profession:
Comment: Laser Collapse of the blastocoel produced better post warming embryo quality and better but not significantly better implantation rates
Submission: The discussion about artificial shrinkage of the blastocoel prior to vitrification has been the subject of some embryomail dialogue recently. This good paper clearly shows collapse is not detrimental and actually most likely to produce better post warming embryo quality. In this study the difference in implantation rates were not significantly higher (38% vs 26%) but they were moving in that direction and a future study with higher numbers may well demonstrate significance. It would seem further studies are needed to quickly confirm this trend allowing the widespread use of artificial shrinkage as routine in blastocyst vitrification, It would be a shame if many good quality blastocysts potential was impaired because of the failure of embryologists to move to make this a standard procedure.
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