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Fruit and vegetable intake and their pesticide residues in relation to semen quality among men from a fertility clinic
To our knowledge, this is the first report on the consumption of fruits and vegetables with high levels of pesticide residue in relation to semen quality. Further confirmation of these findings is warranted.
186. Diet Toxicity and Male Fertility [Forum/Discussion]
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Comment: Semen profile fall when there is a high dietary of foods with a known high levels of pesticide residues in fruit and vegetables
Submission A worrisome article that shows decreased semen profiles in relation to an increased consumption of fruit and vegetables of known pesticide contamination. We are all told to eat more fruit and vegetables but did you know that there are tables in the US retailing the level of pesticides in each food type. In this article(s), Chavarro, et. al. carried out a food consumption survey of 155 men from which they calculated the number of daily serves of fruit and vegetables and then from the pesticides contamination tables calculated their total pesticide exposure in relationship to a single semen analysis.
They showed significant declines in concentration, motility and morphology in the group having the highest exposure risk. Conversely, they also noted in the group of men with the highest number of daily serves but with food of low contamination, significantly better semen profiles.
The differences they reported would reflect poorly in a semen analysis and have the potential to result in samples falling below the normal range. This implies that any adverse semen profile may have some origins in diet. It supports an argument that infertile males or males in an infertile relationship may benefit from moving to a diet with a high number of daily serves of ORGANIC fruit and vegetables. Maybe we should all do this but for men with a poor semen profile especially so.
Many in the IVF field just ignore the reasons why a man may be infertile assuming IVF will solve the problem of pregnancy. This article reminds us that for many couples, their infertility may be resolved in less technological ways and more attention paid to lifestyle be warranted.
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