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ACE consensus meeting report: Culture systems
At the end of the meeting, the following consensus discussion points were acknowledged as requiring further consideration:(1) There is strong evidence for beneficial effects of low oxygen during culture. (2) No individual commercially available culture system has been definitively shown to be better than others in terms of embryo viability.(3) Concerns exist regarding possible epigenetic and long-term culture effects and require further investig
105. ACE consensus meeting report: Culture systems [Forum/Discussion]
from: Administrator (office@fertaid.com), Australia on 16/10/2014 8:31:29 AM Profession:
Comment: A concise summary of the current state of play with the use of culture media in IVF. To summaries briefly, all we believe to be true (from mouse work) may not be so for human IVF culture
Submission: This well produced summary of a weekend meeting in the UK in 2013 is an easy read with sections on the evolution of media (Henry Leese), embryo metabolism (Roger Sturmey), sequential media (Michael Summer), growth factors (Daniel Brison), embryo damage (John Huntriss), optimisation of culture (Thomas Ebner). A survey of the major clinics showed a diversity of practice that may or may not have an impact. The meeting appeared very critical of the current state of play with a poor level of confirmatory studies and display of components by media manufacturers.
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