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Habitual alcohol consumption associated with reduced semen quality and changes in reproductive hormones: a cross-sectional study among 1221 young Dani
Conclusions Our study suggests that even modest habitual alcohol consumption of more than 5 units per week had adverse effects on semen quality although most pronounced associations were seen in men who consumed more than 25 units per week. Alcohol consumption was also linked to changes in testosterone and SHBG levels. Young men should be advised to avoid habitual alcohol intake.
104. Habitual alcohol consumption associated with reduced semen quality [Forum/Discussion]
from: Administrator (office@fertaid.com), Australia on 6/10/2014 8:00:59 AM Profession:
Comment: A paper that provides some good guidelines on alcohol consumption and semen profile.
Submission: A natural question asked by most IVF couples is what can we do to help us falling pregnant. Aside for smoking and weight loss, there is often little constructive advice. This paper provides some guidelines on the amount of alcohol consumed and semen quality. The authors reported that 5 standard drinks/week may influence concentration and morphology but 25/week has a significant impact. This is not a great amount/day but it is not a great sacrifice either. A staff member collecting lifestyle details (do any clinics really do this, if not then maybe they should) could point out that 2 drinks/day is better than 3 and 1/day is even better. Of course the real problem with these studies is that a small and significant reduction may not have a meaningful impact of fertility if the profile is high but may impact if the semen quality is already poor.
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