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Schools 32 Sets Of Twins Is Two Much
Under China's strict one-child policy, parents - especially city dwellers - face heavy fines if they have more than one son or daughter. The rules are relaxed for twins but parents still have to pay an annual fine called 'social maintenance'. But for the wealthy who can afford IVF in the first place this is rarely a problem.
103. Schools 32 Sets Of Twins Is Two Much [Forum/Discussion]
from: Administrator (office@fertaid.com), Australia on 30/09/2014 9:55:06 AM Profession:
Comment: China couples exploit IVF - to the industries detriment!
Submission: FertAid has heard that couples in China are abusing IVF to get around the one child policy. The policy - aimed at controlling a growing population - is being circumvented using ART processes. Like the surrogacy issue in Thailand recently, such actions only cause the public and the law makers to see IVF technology as a dangerous technology that ultimately will see use by infertile couples being made more difficult. In particular, the use of surrogacy is very alarming as this starts to merge into exploitation and almost people trafficking. The unabashed pecuniary use of ART to achieve larger families is disappointing and starts to treat children as commodities. This is one area where Chinas hard line policies may work for a better outcome.
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