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Continuing Professional Education and Activity Log Book
FertAid has set out to develop an international logbook that has broad appeal for all staff working in Fertility/Infertility/Reproductive Sciences.
In it's simplest form, the LogBook may be used for logging CPD activities. For instance, nursing staff need to demonstrate active ongoing professional development. While CPDIVF is developing CPD modules to assist staff in meeting these requirements, the LogBook can be used regardless of where the CPD activity occurred.
One key aspect is that each element may be displayed or hidden so one has some control over the design of the logbook.
Under development, the logbook may also allow the tracking of activity for scientists and other staff. eg. Some organizations require demonstration of a minimum number of procedures such as ICSI
IVFCPD is part of FERTAID and QAPOnline. The Proficiency and quality control programs allow whole clinic activity where each staff in a laboratory can be linked within one group. This means that the Laboratory Director may view, check and validate each staff members activity. One can move between QAPonline and IVFCPD/IVFDaily if the initial registration is performed via QAPOnline rather than IVFCDP.
This international logbook may be a better way to confirm skills and activities when moving between clinics and countries.
The logbook should be considered to be in "draft"format. FertAid is keen and willing to interact with any society or professional body to modify or customise the format to meet local needs and requirements. Please contact via office@fertaid.com to discuss these options.
The Activity List provides a template for you to record your quarterly activity. This may be used as a record of your activity for accreditation requirements or for employment applications. There is a list of common activities but also the opportunity to add your own specific activities. Since this is your own page, all data is unique to you with several verification requirements to provide confidentiality. The activity list provides information on the last 4 entries. The data may be added by quartile (where the sum of each quartile gives an annual tally) or an annual figure.
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