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Welcome to IVFCPD - Continuous Professional Development Modules for all IVF and Fertility Related Professionals.
IVFCPD is a new initiative of FertAid and seeks to provide valuable learning tools for Nurses, Counsellors, scientists and medical professional involved in all aspects of human reproduction.
It is an extension and developed from IVFDaily.com, a daily news services bringing news, recent publications and reviews to all Fertility personnel.
Many professional bodies these day require staff to demonstrate ongoing and continuous professional development and IVFCPD hopes to provide resources to meet these requirements.
IVFCPD has been developed as a module learning tool for both beginners and experienced professionals. The key points are:
  - each module has been prepared by an experienced professional and are written with the view of providing key information to nurses, scientists and some clinicians.
  -there are two types of modules -professional education and Continuous Professional Development
  - the design has been modeled on several currently approved Nursing CPD online education programmes with clear objectives, education components, questions and reference links.
  -the CPD modules are not a programmed learning program about IVF (at least not yet), rather the modules should be see as "In service"Modules on topics where a Nurse Coordinator or a Scientific/Medical Director would like staff to become familiar with a specific topic. Topics largely reflect current activity often being based upon recent reviews, summaries or relevant publications. In some cases, IVFCPD seeks the original author to prepare a modified version of their publication in a format suitable for widespread learning by all clinic staff.
  On the other hand, some professional education modules are aimed at a continual reassessment of knowledge and skills. e.g. the WHO5 modules requires the participant to understand a chapter of the WHO manual and complete the questions. Therefore participation and completion can also be used as demonstration of the information side of Andrology.
  Completion of questions confirms this has been achieved and may then be used as a proof of proficiency. Certificates can be use during accreditation or annual review as proof of ongoing education.
  Prior to 2014, all modules are free to registered browsers. From 2014, some topics may be freely accessed while others require a modest payment that may be made by individuals wishing to improve their skill and knowledge base. However, a significant improvement now allows clinics to obtain a broad based subscription to allow access to all topics by all clinic staff for the year of subscription.
  Finally, IVFCPD is open to contributions from any IVF professional or clinic who wishes to add to the portfolio of modules for general or specific purposes. This may also include contributions from manufacturing or pharmaceutical companies wishing to ensure the widespread knowledge of how their products are used.
  If your need further information or there is an area of education you think may be beneficial, please use the contact form
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