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Survey:Outgassing IVF Plasticware /True
Comment:Dr John Tyler of Next Generation Fertility, Sydney, Australia asks if clinics outgas their IVF tissue culture plasticware before use and if so how. Please add a comment on how you pre-process your dishes before adding media. What have you written in your policy manual? Has anyone performed studies on whether outgassing is needed?

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Do you outgas your plasticware.
1. Do you open the packet of plasticware and use it immediately to prepare your embryo dishes?
2. Do you open the packet of plasticware and wait/ process the dishes before preparing your embryo dish
How do you process the dishes before use?
3. Do you expose the dishes to a sterile air flow ( e.g. in a laminar flow cabinet)
4. Do you leave it in the incubator or equivalent?
5. Do you wash the dishes in culture media or similar sterile solutions
If you outgas your dishes, for how long do you do it?
6. Less than 5 minutes
7. 5-30 minutes
8. 31-60 minutes
9. More than 1 hour
11. Overnight or longer
Do you replace the media in the dropletes before adding an oil overlay?
11. I replace the media in each drop with fresh media before adding the oil overlay?
#0 writes: I would have thought outgassing basically any plastic consumables would be routine
#0 writes: How do you process the dishes before use. Many of us place and remove our droplets and then replace with fresh media. I think this should be an added question.
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