Fertaid Mail - FertAid Interact. FertAids Mail/Interact is under construction. But the good news is you can still use it while all the features are developed. Feedback welcome
Welcome to FertAids IVF Clinic Mail / IVFInterAct
With IVFClinicMail, you can  
  post an enquiry or ask for help  
  post a comment to response to a current post  
  post a job advertisement  
  post a note to indicate who has moved where  
  post a business note, a new product or a business comment.  
  Promote a new dealership, special offers, etc  
FertAid is using it to post observations on recent publications included in its IVFDaily distribution  
  IVFClinic mail is pro-business since it believes that lab staff should know about new products.  
How does one post a note to IVFClinicMail. You can either  
  send an email with links or PDF to marking it "IVFCLINICMAIL"  
  register with FertAid and post a note directly. Such posts need to be approved before being visible.  
  posts can be marked for public display (on this web site) or by IVFDaily distribution.  
Who can use IVFClinicMail  
  it is hoped that both laboratory staff, nursing staff, counseling staff and clinical staff may use IVFCLINICMAIL  
Can IVFCLINICMAIL accept sponsorship or advertising. ABSOLUTELY!!  
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