Fertaid Mail - FertAid Interact. FertAids Mail/Interact is under construction. But the good news is you can still use it while all the features are developed. Feedback welcome
Andrology Comments and enquiries on semen analysis, seminal profile and male infertility.
Donation Issues relating to sperm, egg or embryo donation.
IVF Culture Comments and requests on all aspects of embryo culture.
IVF/ICSI Discussions around the use and implications of IVF x ICSI
LN dewars How do clinics manage their LN dewars. When are dewars replaced, how do you separate different samples, how do you manage the alarms, how often do you audit the contents?
Pregnancy Comments about Pregnancy, health of children after IVF, etc
Sperm DNA Any conversations on sperm DNA Fragmentation
Time-lapse Discussions on the the application of time-lapse imagery in embryology
Treatment Management All comments associated with management of treatment cycles.
Vitrification The June 2011 forum is on blastocyst vitrification. Queries and comments welcome
WHO 5th Ed The introduction of the WHO 5th Edition on Semen Analysis has caused confusion. Are you implementing it, If not, what not. Comments and queries. Happy to list errors and problems.
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